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Is this a stupid game of clout chasing or pranking? Or could it have been a serious escape from drowning for real? Something fishy is definitely going on, until Dj Michelle herself would talk!


DJ Michelle either a clout chaser, irresponsible prankster or Nigeria’s living mammy water prodigy.

Since the story of her supposed death via drowning and the sudden miracle of her rescue from the supposed jaws of death, she has gotten quite a lot of attention.

Her story came in the midst of the unbelievable Davido fundraiser which astounded everyone, then P Square duo reconciliation after 5 years of unnecessary feud and then also the incredible KWAM 1’s massive traditional wedding in Abeokuta to his most gorgeous beau, “Emmanuella Morounropo Ajike Anifowoshe”, which was like an unfolding fairy tale story.

When the story of her supposed unfortunate death first hit the airwaves, it was received with utmost shock and then palpable sadness, as she was considered too young at 21 and a beautiful girl just beginning her life to have died just like that. So when by the next day the news rented the air that she had been found alive, many hours after her supposed accident, it was relief galore and unbridled praises to God for sparing her life from sure death.

But many hours or days after the whole death and life drama had unfolded, some unpalatable news have been creeping in relentlessly to claim that the supposed victim of the supposed drowning accident, is actually an unrepentant clout chaser, irresponsible prankster and silly girl who may have actually planned the whole drama in order to gain unprecedented mileage on her page. She’s been painted as one that can go to any length for clout!

Those who have tried to punch hole in her supposed story of escape from the jaws of death, are quick to ask the question whether she’s a good swimmer, one who is skillful enough to have maneuvered the water well when she was supposedly swept away by the waves or she’s just a living mermaid 🧜‍♀️ who just acted a script? Many have also asked the question about if they were the only ones at the supposed beach when she was swept away? How come it’s only their own narrative that has been heard?

Even those who have believed her story, are still of the sincere opinion that if she truly had nearly drowned and then escaped death by whiskers for real, it must then have been that a supposed queen of the coast (spirit or other worldly entity also popularly referred to as ‘mammy water or mermaid’) may have sent her back on some evil errands to accomplish so as to snare others. Hmmmmmmmm…..

To get to the bottom of the whole mess, we tried reaching out again to the lady in question- DJ Michelle, but it was again her supposed best friend and PA by the name of ‘Ajaegbu Jecinta’ that picked up the phone when we called. And we said we heard all the noise about the drowning and getting saved was all a rouse to gain clout, she responded that she has nothing whatsoever to say until Michelle herself, who is still recovering from her ‘ordeal’ would address the media afterwards when she’s ready.

She said that they had received many calls already wanting to know what had happened, but that Michelle herself would respond to the media when she’s up and about!

If it is actually confirmed that it was all a ‘fool’s errand’ and that she had pranked all, the lady and her crew should most definitely be sanctioned appropriately then.

You cannot be crying wolf wolf when and where there’s none.
It’s a stupid game that can become dangerous!


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