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Extraordinary Style Extravaganza in Blue Parade at Iyabo Ojo's mom's Final Burial Ceremony


Events, occasions, parties of all types, award shows, concerts and more, are all the different arenas that people, be they- stars, celebrities, fashionistas and more use to showcase or express their inner modelesque nature, most especially on the style stake.

At this beautiful event hosted by the thespian extraordinaire and Nollywood legend, with over 150 films to her name, in the person of “Olori Alice Iyabo Ojo”, it was like “a style parade extravaganza” at the final burial ceremony of her late mother- Madam Victoria Olubunmi Fetuga, who had passed on exactly a year ago. It was like a sea of blue in glamorous designs as many came to outdo each other on the style stake.

They came in numbers to support their friend, colleague, associate and family member, like torrential rainfall pouring down relentlessly on the well appointed venue, “Monarch Events Centre”, along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, which has since become the events place of choice for the elite, since it opened its doors for business not too long ago.

The gorgeous place is owned by none other than “Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi”, the very stylish wife of his royal majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Saheed Ademola, Kusenla III, the Elegushi of Ikateland and environs.

Their expansive and very well appointed event place, is one of the top 5 best places to host any top class events in Lagos.

This event place was the ‘convergence point’ for the gathering of the many flamboyant ‘birds of different stocks, plummages and grace’ that descended on it.

There were the peacocks, the flamingos, the ladybirds, the owls, the eagles or hawks or ospreys, the robins, the woodpeckers, the egrets, the swans, the geese, the penguins, the parrots, the cuckoos etc.

All the types of birds, with their different types of graces, in the form of humans!

Their designers, tailors, stylists and more, must have gotten some sorts of extraordinary briefs from their different clients, which must have stated matter of fact- “do me an outstanding outfit which would diminish my negative attributes, but that would greatly accentuate my positives and then that would smackdown look far better than all others, as I want to be the all round queen of the flock”!

These briefs must have caused some major palpable frenzies, pushing the designers and Co to their limits, just so to allow their imaginations to run riot as they tried to come up with outstanding pieces that would be the best of the best amongst the lot that would be on parade.

Some of the dresses we saw as were worn by the guests at the party, were exquisite, in fact magnificent to say the least.

Our designers, tailors, stylists, make-up artists and more deserves endless kudos for showcasing excellently their talents and ingenuity!

They are brilliant!

The aso-ebi colour chosen, which was some sort of blue, be it- cobalt blue or ultramarine blue or navy blue or even teal blue was a slamdunk choice.

Mixed with gold or silver or platinum pieces and with beads or some sorts of glitters, it came out looking sumptuous, like some “embellished masterpieces”, from the style heaven.

The now much more trim Eniola Badmus sent us to gaga heaven, with how she looked and her outfit and so she deserves our kudos!

Toyin Lawani the unrepentant peacock, just like Mercy Aigbe, Abiodun Folashade Tokunbo, the impressive Creative Head at House of Luminee and a host of others who all always loves to showcase their plummages and a few others whose names we couldn’t readily recall deserves our “Oomph Awards”- for sumptuous elegance, standout grace, effortless style, all round radiation of sexiness, glamour, elan and far more.

Very many, including the hostess herself- Iyabo Ojo who had a total of 5 whopping changes of outfits, were a delight to behold. We have no doubt that Nigerians and by extension Africans are the most stylish people in the world!

What we are able to do with designs on uniforms (aso ebi) and more, are totally unbelievable!

Enjoy our pictorial excursion!



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