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Evil driver kills atleast 13 and tries to escape the scene


It’s a terribly dark day today in Lagos as atleast 13 and still counting young kids, all students of a school at Ojodu in Lagos- Babs Fafunwa Millennium Senior Grammar School, Ojodu, which is just a stone throw from the “Ojodu Police Station” were all crushed by a truck that supposedly lost its brake and rammed into these students who had just closed from school and were going home.

The dastardly messenger of death had tried to escape the scene of the chaos he caused immediately, but was later apprehended far from the scene of death and was brought back to the Police Station at Ojodu.

Irate students who saw the killer brought back to the station, immediately descended on the station to show their anger as they wanted justice immediately vandalising whatever was in their front and also throwing stones at the Police station!

The spokesperson for the station had assured that they are well equipped to deal with the situation and therefore no cause for alarm.

But from the preliminary reports now, at least 13 students may have been sent to their early graves.

May all the souls of the dearly departed all find rest. And may those injured find the strength to recover as quickly as possible.


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