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The ultimate Princess Charming with the dirty past whose schemings have gotten her into the position of a goddess!


…….Is she the all innocent looking much expected incoming one or she’s the already well settled in, unshiftable one? This ‘ultimate schemer unparalleled’ is in the class of infamous “Niccolo Machiavelli”, and she has no scruples at all in setting up her agenda and going after achieving it with full focus and undeniable gusto. Ready and willing to over run, anything or anyone in her front. Willing to engage in subterfuge and embrace in blatant lies to achieve her desires!

And from our findings she’s not at all better than those before her whose position she craves with her whole being- spirit, soul and body.

She’s just in her early 40s born in 1979 and a mother of one (a daughter) already. Being a mother for another person already for that matter, and not for this her (acclaimed husband), means that by the dictates of tradition and culture of the land, she has no actual right to the claim she’s making around so loudly and cannot “marry” the lord of the manor”, except maybe she was already a part of the harem of a late former occupant of the stool and then she has accepted to stay on in a new harem, of her own volition.

This ‘lord of the manor’ she’s claiming to be hers can only actually at best be just her ‘paramour’ and no more, but from the look of it, it seems that tradition and culture has been thrown to the dogs in the bush long before now, as no one seem to understand anymore how to actually translate the so called tradition or culture appropriately no more, especially since the advert of this particular lord!

Infact a majority of the people are of the embarrassing opinion that the stool may have been downgraded instead of upgraded as was expected as the mystique/aura behind it all, has since been cheapened. Many even feel that this “living god” should maybe go into a long seclusion to redeem all that’s already lost!

This dark and lovely looking lady, could have being an award winning thespian rivaling the best in the game, had she taken that as her professional calling or vocation, as everything for her is about playing a well written, well orchestrated script-actually written by her and also acted in and executive produced by her!

She shuttles between her actual base in the UK and her new base in Nigeria -(Lagos, Oyo and [Osun most especially]). She owns a property in Ibadan, that was facilitated by her former lover from a South-South state (Bayelsa) who was a top Government official and used to spend very heavily on her, till he found out she was having a thing with this lord of the manor and had to quickly withdrew as he didn’t want to be found competing with a supposed (living god). There may be repercussions, with him sharing the same woman!

Unknown to most she actually lives in the UK with her very well to do Caucasian live-in-lover who is between 60 to 70, by the name Allen or Allan.

This innocent old dude who loves her to the moon and stars picks up hers and daughter’s bills and doesn’t actually know what she goes quite often to her country of origin (Nigeria) to do.

Her acclaimed English name with the 1st alphabet and that ends with the penultimate alphabet via which most now know her, is a self given one, all part of the package. Those that knew her in the past claims she’s a total ratchet repackaged as a doll.

She had married a UK based dude before who is her daughter’s dad and that too was all part of the plan to uplift her status. It is claimed that all the gifts the husband to be (fiance) must give or present to his wife to be as part of the wedding rites, were all actually bought by her for herself!

She’s from a polygamous home (nothing wrong with that) and by that one of the several kids of her dad, who in the good old days had a right of abode in the UK, which she was able to exploit later to get her own stay too.

Growing up she had suffered a whole lot as she had to share with so many others and that may have triggered her exemplary spirit of hustling and the ability to lie exceptionally to get what she wants. Being one of the many children of her parents, they all had to fend for themselves quite early. She used to lie that her mom was based in the US till it was discovered that, the mom was actually a trader in Ibadan!

Nothing was bad about having a humble beginning, but why the need for blatant lies to elevate yourself?

While she was attending a Polytechnic then in Ede, she was more always at the famous ivory tower in Ife, gallivanting about claiming to be a student there but she wasnt actually. Her then club boy boyfriend used to beat her so badly out of jealousy because he believed she was a ‘donatress’ giving her wares to any available okay dude.

She landed in London about a decade a so ago and truth be told she’s paid her dues. She was actually a staff of the world renowned donut and coffee brand-‘Krispy Kreme’ in London for longwhile before good fortune actually smiled on later.

It has been a long tortuous battle in the last 3 decades, but it’s like everything has now come full circle to pay off at last. From all indications, it seems nothing can stop this elevation to becoming partner, the approved partner and most prominent one for that matter of a living god! Meaning she would or has become a goddess herself too!


Congratulations to her as the scheming has paid off!

2022 promises to be a very interesting and intriguing year in all ramifications!


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