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Death strikes again via Cancer to take away the twin sister of beloved Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.
Pastor Taiwo Odukoya of Fountain of Life Church

To say the truth and without mincing words too, it has been a painful and quite calamitous year for this beloved man of God in charge of the “Fountain of Life Church”, in the person of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya.

This popular man of God said to be a gentleman to the core and who is the head pastor at his quite popular ministry, just has to be a man of exemplary faith for him to be hit by such devastating news, one after the other in one year in the space of just weeks and still be so resolute about his faith in God and standing sure.

This year 2021 was the 16th anniversary of the passage of his beloved 1st wife Pastor Bimbo Odukoya in an ill-fated Sosoliso flight of 2005. In the same year in November to be more precise, he also lost his 2nd wife of 11 years- the late 47 year old mother of 2, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya after a protracted but quiet said to be a gallant fight of atleast 2 years, to the cold hands of death through cancer, and just as he getting to grips with the loss of his wife, while still mourning such irreparable and quite devastating loss, another calamity of immense weight has crept in again, to snatch away brutally his twin sister (his Kehinde) to death via cancer too at the age of 65 as both were born on 15th June of 1956!

The painful passage of Mrs.Kehinde Hassan 65, was confirmed by one of her niece on her Facebook page thus-

My Dearest Aunty K, my birthing partner and one of my closest aunties…

“You were always there for me when I needed my mother the most.

“You held my hand and encouraged me…

“To say I will miss you is such an understatement.

“Rest on Aunty, love you.”

Details about the type of cancer and other informations are still sketchy as at the time of filing this sad report. So we will update as more details unfolds.

May the ghost of the dead find rest! And may the family, friends and associates of the deceased find the strength to bear the loss.


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