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No reconciliation has been initiated by the palace. Olori Naomi is welcomed at her husband's palace and her home when she wants or desires to return. But Gbenro and Mother are not welcomed.


His Imperial Majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, the Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife, Arole Odua
The estranged Olori Naomi Silekunola Morenike Ogunwusi nee Oluwaseyi, official wife of the Oonirisa

If the feelers trickling in are as accurate as people have prayed that it should be, then that foolish war, which was thought to be leading to a divorce between His Imperial Majesty, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, the Arole Odua, Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife and Olori Naomi Silekunola Ogunwusi may soon be over. Hopefully.

What had seemed like the marriage was over as it had hit the wall irretrievably may now be getting fixed together again slowly and gradually. Meaning that, this particular ‘humpty dumpty’ may actually be mendable!

To the very many who loves the Ooni so fervently and who wouldn’t want his peace to be troubled in any way, this must be a most welcomed relief unparalleled and also a fantastically good news to celebrate after a very eventful, but ambivalent 2021.

The seemingly quiet Olori had in a shocking announcement that beggars belief and that was surely unbecoming of a loyal wife of such a highly revered monarch, had gone on her verified/official social media handle many days back to announce shockingly to the world, that she had jettisoned her love for the monarch and therefore moved out of the palace and left the Ooni as his wife!

That unpalatable bombshell had immediately sent out seismic waves of unimaginable effects out. The reverberations of which is still been felt even as we speak.

She had gone further in the said pronouncement to state that, the monarch her husband was 2-faced, meaning a different public personality as against who he actually is in private, referring ti him as an actor or thespian of unbelievable expertise. That was a terribly demeaning thing for a wife to claim!

She had clearly spelt out though in that pronouncement that she didn’t leave her matrimonial home because of any woman or group of women which may have threatened her existence or stay, but that she left on her own volition as she just couldn’t cope no more.

Though the palace had quickly tried to do a good job of mending fences by proclaiming that her handle may have been hacked, so as to give her soft landing in the aftermath of quiet efforts to reconcile the king and his queen over any issues that may have arisen, but that immediate effort for reconciliation was said to have been vehemently rebuffed by the mother of the Olori, with the active support of her son- Gbenro, the elder brother of the Olori.

The woman was said to have told those that went to Akure categorically, that the handle was never hacked and therefore admitted to the authorship directly or indirectly of the statement that was released.

The Olori’s family’s gripe with the Ooni and by extension the palace was because, the mother and her other kids had been summarily removed from the palace and ordered not to return.

Also it is because a billionaire plus Naira valued project owned by the monarch and others in Akure, Ondo state had been yanked from Gbenro and for that he was very bitter and angry and became embarrassingly rude, not only to the respected Baba Oba (monarch’s father) who Gbenro insulted with equanimity, but he also did the same to the monarch himself, referring to him with many unpalatable expletives totally unbecoming of a well groomed, well brought up Yoruba child.

The project in question, is a vast estate that’s located in Akure on a very large expanse of land that the king had purchased in 2014 before the call to become king arose. The initial plan was to build a textile factory on the said land. But the then Prince soon became the monarch in 2015 and therefore, abandoned the project for a while as he settled down on the throne. Then fast forward to 2018 after he had married the then prophetess Morenike Naomi Silekunola Oluwaseyi founder and head of En-HeraldsinterdenominationalChristianministry, he then resurrected the plan and infact bought more land to add to the already purchased and then updated the plan to now build an housing estate instead, with the active support of the State Government and other partner. In reviving the idea, as a person who is ever trusting and supportive of the youths, he magnanimously decided to place Gbenro, as the elder brother of his wife in charge of the critical project. The land itself was swampy and had to be sand filled first before commencement of the main project.

Thereafter, a billion plus in Naira was committed to the project with Gbenro as the overseer in charge and it is alleged that the bulk of the funds was then squandered!

From what was alleged, Gbenro suddenly became a spendthrift and most happening newest big boy in town.

Before any one could say Gbe…., he had allegedly bought 3 cars for his numerous girlfriends! And was spending money like a drunken sailor!

This was why the monarch who couldn’t stomach these excesses anymore, had to bring down the sledgehammer, a decision that didn’t go down well with Gbenro at all and by extension also his family and he fought as much as he could with all his might to change the decision. Employing all types of tricks devoid of proper rules of engagement. His beloved mother and sisters also supported him without a care. As the project was like his source of livelihood had been removed!

But even with pressures mounted on the monarch by his in laws and wife, he stood resolute in his decision. For someone who had had many raw deals before in his business relationship and is just actually sorting himself out over past issues, it was best to cut off the gangrenous infested sore on just one part, before it could ultimately destroy the whole body. It’s actually a story of once bitten twice shy!

On the side of the monarch’s mother-in-law, too many alleged unpalatable news had apparently sipped into the palace concerning her activities, which they just couldn’t condone any more.

Also until the family were ordered out of the palace, at least 4 of them-the mom, Gbenro, Sinmi and another had been permanently under the care of the palace, living as permanent residence, not contributing nothing to the palace. They all were living together in the 6 bedroom chalet of the Olori and with everything at their beck and call.

All their needs were cared for by the palace, plus loads and loads more other dependants on the monarch’s side too! So the pressure was quite overwhelming. But truth be told, contrary to the assertion or imagination of many, his supposed overbearing sisters have never lived in the Palace!

We can also tell you without mincing words that, for the 3 years that Olori Naomi was at the palace, there was never a day when she cooked as a wife for her beloved husband not to talk of supervising what he ate. Infact, even the food for her own chalet, for a time came from the general kitchen, until sometime ago that she got her own dedicated cook.

Not only that alone, between 2018 and 2021, the monarch had generously gifted the Oluwaseyi family, not less than 7 cars, with the latest (the 7th) being a brand new N38m Naira car that was delivered
just some days back in Akure.

The Olori had 10 days before she made that her now shocking announcement, asked the monarch for a car for “Prince Tadenikawo Ogunwusi” which the monarch gladly obliged to. So the new car that was given to her, wasn’t a bribe of any kind at all, neither was it used as any type of bargaining tool.

She had asked for it and it was only delivered after it had arrived, irrespective of what had or was going on before then!

Not just that alone, imagine that the much vilified monarch had also built for his mother-in-law and family, a house that was impressive enough for her and her family to stay in, at Akure, Ondo State, this was done so that he and his wife, the Olori could atleast be with each other without undue interference from supposed close quarters.

How was the monarch and wife supposed to bond, when the Olori is permanently cocooned in the embrace and supposed over protection of her mom and other siblings?

It seems like there may be far far more to this extraordinary closeness of the Olori and her mom. Such that she would rather decide to go away with her mom in support of her family rather than staying with her husband to forge a closeness.

Also, the monarch had helped to facilitate another building for another of the Olori’s sibling by the name Ife; that building from what we have discovered is already at the finishing stages. So it is the same monarch that isn’t good enough, but was a sponge that could be squeezed relentlessly as long as it pleases them and pays them!

True part of the agreement between the monarch at the beginning and his wife was that her mom must come to stay with her at the palace which the king gladly acceded to then, but then it got to a point that, that agreement couldn’t be sustained again for many reasons.

So when the monarch finally put his kingly foot down after enduring so much, preferring that his wife alone with their son without other extensions should remain, the Olori didn’t take kindly to the decision or new order of things and was said to have given an ultimatum, which she believed was going to be accepted.

Just imagine such an ultimatum! That her mom must stay with her at all cost for her to stay with her husband and also that the estate project must be restored back to her brother, who is actually like a father to her or else! It was the refusal of the Ooni to accede to such ill conceived demands (which were like some form of blackmail) actually broke the camel’s back near irretrievably.

The wise king recognising that to capitulate once over this demands, would be to become a puppet forever, did the wise thing.

So with the king not ready to compromise his stance and the Olori and extension ready also to smash the apple-cart to smithereens without a care for the consequences or so it seems, all just went kaput!

What the Oluwaseyi family had banked on, was that they could use the impending threat of the media outburst that would emerge and negativity that would arise from it, to threaten the monarch and he would quickly accede to their demands. So since their threats didn’t work, they went ahead with their plan.

But alas, after what people thought was for sure the death of the marriage, it seems like reasoning may have prevailed to a certain extent now. Some are claiming the palace is begging, but its an outright lie or misinformation!

We can tell the world categorically that yes some quiet underground maneuverings may be on going. But the overtures for peace is coming from those who instigated the drama in the 1st instance!

The Olori from what we actually learnt, called her husband to wish him well on Christmas day.

The truth is, the monarch never at any point sent his wife packing, those that were advised to leave were her family members who had overstayed their welcome at the palace. The Olori was the one who voluntarily left the house in cahoot with her family by her own decision. The impression she had actually given at first, was like she was going on holiday before she then released that statement, exactly 15 days after she had left the palace. The king never took her then ultimatum seriously!

She’s forever, welcomed back at the palace as it is her home, but without her family members- most especially Gbenro and the mom.

Even for Gbenro and the mom, it’s not like the situation is not irredeemable, they only need to sincerely apologise to the father of the monarch and the monarch himself, both of whom they had cursed out and flagrantly disrespected. Knowing how simple the Baba Oba (monarch’s father) is, their sincere apologies would have been good enough and gone a pretty long way in sorting out issues.

We can tell you “categorically” and you can go to the bank with it, that it is a lie that the chiefs from Ile-Ife have gone to Akure to appease the Oluwaseyis. So far from it. If such has happened they may have gone on the mission by themselves and we know for a fact that they wouldn’t disregard their king to go carry out a mission without his express permission!

If ever any reconciliation moves would ever be made or is made (with a subtle white flag being raised already by the Olori), it would be at Ile-Ife rather than Akure and it wouldn’t be via any involvement (s) of a chief or group of chiefs, but that reconciliation must be directly with or must actually involve the monarch’s father- Prince John Oluropo Ogunwusi.

When the marriage was going to begin, it was a strictly family affair then, as was led by the monarch’s father Prince John Oluropo Ogunwusi, his wife Princess Margaret Wuraola Abegbe Ogunwusi and 6 of their children, who went to Akure to bring their then bride Prophetess Olori Naomi home, not chiefs of Ife. So to now settle a rift in that marriage, it wouldn’t be the chiefs affair too!

When the bride came in to the palace, she came with her family members in tow, for what many had thought was a short visit to help their daughter and sister/family member to acclimatise to her new surroundings, but lo and behold, that expected short visit was what now lasted or extended to a whole 3 years!

Gbenro in his early 30s at most, actually became power drunk and terribly unruly, in between that 3 years. He became a terror that everyone preferred to avoid!

Their mom became more of an albatross than anything due to her behaviour and undue rigid control of her married daughter.

Sinmi the younger sibling with the bazooka (voluptuous) body, became a darling of the visitors and more that came to or visited the palace. The drama was just too damn much and there was a need for some semblance of sanity. It was that sanity that was refused for avarice.

All fingers crossed 🤞, something great and most welcomed is coming before or by the middle of 2022. And it’s a most joyous thing! 😉


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