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Bank The Eazy Way With The Zenith Bank QR Service: Another Unique Way Of Online Banking

Arguably the largest financial service provider in Nigeria and Anglophone West Africa, Zenith Bank has introduced a new and unique way of ‘Banking the EaZy Way with the Zenith Bank QR Service.’

The new innovation by the tier one bank, will enable customers and prospective customers to among other things; Open an Account, Get the Zenith Bank Mobile App, Request a Zenith Virtual Card, Get the Zenith Scan to Pay App, Get the Zenith Bank e-Token App, Chat with ZiVA and Resolve Dispense Error.

It will also help to Reactivate Dormant Account, Unlock/Reset Hardware Token,

Update BVN, Zenith Trade Portal, NXP Processing -CBN, Form M Processing – CBN, Self-Service, where customers can do all self services themselves with our Self-Service Portal.

As one of the means to serve the customers in a unique way, Zenith Bank Plc, introduced an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Chatbot on WhatsApp named ZiVA (Zenith Intelligent Virtual Assistant), months ago.

ZiVA, which enables customers to perform financial transactions and enjoy real-time customer service from their mobile phones, was rated as one of the best way to bank online by users.

To enjoy Zenith Bank QR Banking, Click on the link below




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