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Like it has been anticipated for many weeks now, the D-day has finally arrived with so much promises.

Today, Thursday, March 17, 2022 all roads would lead to Anambra State of South East of Nigeria and all eyes would be focused on the state too, as there would be the most anticipated of baton change in the history of the State and in the South East.

The day would see the 2-terms former Governor of the State, the 5th democratically elected one for that matter, in the person of the enigmatic Sir Willie Obiano bid bye-bye to the State House he had occupied for 8 years and on the other side make welcome, the most anticipated personality to be in charge of a state in Nigeria- especially in the South East of Nigeria, in the person of Professor Charles C. Soludo, who after 10am would have become the 6th democratically installed Executive Governor of Anambra State of Nigeria.

So so much is expected of the man that has been tagged as probably the saviour of Anambra and the South East and probably his party the APGA. Charly Nwa Mgbafor’s reign is been eagerly anticipated!

Even as the incoming Governor has tried to make it clear that it’s not going to be party as usual as is expected by most, with his inauguration ceremony itself planned to be as cost effectively smart as possible and devoid of unnecessary fanfare/party, people are eagerly awaiting his 1st official pronouncements with palpable expectations, so as to be able to predict and gauge how they anticipate the Governance process would go.

To say the truth, extraordinarily much is been expected of this incoming administration and many are waiting with bated breath to see how things would start in earnest this 1st day after the Governor and his deputy would have been sworn in. Would the Governor hit the ground running with dazzling speed and exciting actions that would take people’s breath away?

The incoming Governor himself has helped to raise expectations to feverish pitch about what to expect, with his many well applauded pronouncements since after he was declared the winner of the gubernatorial election last year. Are we going to be swept off our feet constantly and consistently by smart Governance processes that would dazzle all in no small measures?

The eyes of the world is focused on Anambra right now as the world awaits with palpable expectations to see how the most educated of Governors of Anambra, would fare in the administration of a state many considers to be the wealthiest in many ways in the South East.

The expectations are hinged on how they hope that an egghead of great repute like Professor Soludo would turn Anambra to another Lagos in the space of 4 years.

So by 10am today and at Agu-Akwa at the Government House of Anambra State, Professor Charles C. Soludo, CFR and his incoming Deputy, in the person of Dr. Onyekachukwu Ibezim, would both take their oaths of office before witnesses as they take charge of Anambra State for the next 4 years and plan to do the very best in their abilities to turn the State to a near eldorado.

To whom much is given, very much is expected, so let the expectations begin to come to fruition.

Have a great and result filled 4 years sirs. Though your path would be rough, we hope that your God given capacity and sagacity would be enough to surmount all that would come your way.