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A supposed happy beginning is already swimming in troubled waters! Is this a warning to let sleeping dog lie?

After a mother of all preparation had reached top gear and dates chosen with everyone counting the days to what would have been a mother of all ceremonies that would have astounded all, the gorgeous wife to be, has put her foot down with a massive thud and wants out at all cost amidst all pleadings and more. She has now told all who cares to hear that she’s no more interested!

Her family members have tried all they can to prevail on her and on all, but she seem hellbent in not going forward with the nuptial again!

It has been shock galore ever since! As everyone has found her action hard to believe! Some are even of the opinion that maybe something diabolical may have transpired to make her take such drastic decision.

For the shocked husband to be who had committed so much towards this nuptial, if the ceremony had happened, it would have been towards his 2nd missionary journey into a supposed happy marriage.

He had had what everyone had thought was a marriage made in heaven before, before it led to an acrimonious break up and then divorce from his 1st wife, who is the daughter of a top female politician from a part of the North Central of Nigeria, considered as a part of the middle belt.

After that marriage had collapsed acrimoniously, his ex-wife from all indications never actually forgave him!

When the young billionaire businessman with very diverse business interests, who is also very well connected and is majorly into marketing of petroleum products with several stations across Nigeria had a whirlwind romance/relationship with a celebrated thespian a few years back, many had happily thought the entertainer, who was also then a Special Adviser to a state Chief executive was going to become his next wife (2nd wife).

That relationship was so good for both then, especially for thespian, that she consciously reduced a lot of what she was formerly known for and became more like a wife material ready to move home and settle down for good as that wouod have been her own 2nd missionary journey in marriage too. She became more quiet, more responsible and gave her all towards making the relationship work. With many speculating then that the next obvious thing was going to be a wedding that would have become one for the season then.

But alas it wasn’t to be sadly, as naysayers (bed belle people) who didn’t want the thespian to have peace and joy, who felt they had a stone to grind with her and who also didn’t want the young businessman to have a stable home again, went all out against the relationship to destroy it! And they actually succeeded in tearing the lovers apart!

Nothing was left sacred in their unrelenting and dastardly attacks against the delectable thespian with the bazooka body, who by the grace of God now is a mother of 1 (not for her former beau).

Her inglorious past was dug up and fed menacingly to rabid dogs whose dirty fangs and claws were all out, just to kill and destroy and tear apart without pity! They actually shredded this innocent looking but well experienced thespian’s reputation to the gutter!

It wasn’t a pleasant time at all for her.

At a point in their vicious and then unrelenting attacks, fingers were even pointed at the man’s former wife, who many assumed was bitterly scorned- and like it is said “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” as the invisible hand behind viciousness!

Some of the unpalatable revelations that came pouring out in massive torrents then, had to have come from people in the know, who were extremely bitter! It was generally assumed then, that maybe the thespian was part of why the man’s 1st marriage had hit the rock irretrievably and collapsed! So her attackers had no mercy at all! All her escapades or better still sexcapades and preferences were let out without remorse!

But fast forward now to a few years afterwards, after all of that drama had seemingly disappeared. This prayer loving, very hardworking, well loved, young gentleman, was thought to have found love again and decided to make it official after being single for a period of time.

All things were actually going according to plan without any fuss or issue, only for the lady in the mix to suddenly do an about turn of 360 degree and has insisted she’s not getting married any more! All to the pain and chagrin of all!

Family members are still doing their best to find out how to solve the problem now.

Could this actually be a blessing in disguise? What if the wedding ceremony goes on and the marriage happens, but it may not actually last with this kind of initial issue that has marred the beginning already?

Fingers crossed though, a supposed good news may still come from it all and the wedding may still happen!


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