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Obong Akanimo Asuquo Udofia
The 2 leading political parties in Nigeria have anointed 2 formidable candidates to battle it out for the heart and soul of the oil rich state of Akwa-Ibom in the persons of Obong Akanimo Asuquo Udofia and Pastor Umo Eno.


Obong Akanimo Asuquo Udofia
Pastor Umo Eno, the Undershepherd of All Nations Christian Ministry International

What promises to be an undoubted battle royale of immense proportion in the oil rich state of Akwa-Ibom come the next election, to elect who would take over from the current Governor, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel as next Executive Governor of the state is already showing face, with the recent primaries conducted by the 2 leading political parties in the state namely the People’s Democratic Party-PDP and the All Progressives Congress-APC.

While the current ruling party has pushed out a former Commissioner in the state, an hospitality magnate, who is also a Pastor, as her Governorship aspirant in the person of Mr. Umo Eno 58, who is infact, the ‘anointed candidate’ of the present Governor, his excellency Udom Emmanuel, a failed Presidential candidate of the PDP at their last Presidential Primary, the rival party in response have pushed out as their own aspirant, none other than, the suave billionaire international businessman of repute, “Obong Akanimo Asuquo Udofia, 52 aka AK-47′, who is supported by the might of none other than the former Governor of the state, also former Minister for the Niger-Delta and an APC Presidential candidate, Chief Dr. Godswill Akpabio.

Though other political parties as expected too would equally push out their own candidates too soon enough, but the known fact is that, it’s strictly an affair between the PDP & the APC, hence it’s PDP vs. APC!

PDP’s hope- Mr. Umo Eno, an hospitality magnate (some have claimed that he is the single biggest investor in hospitality in the whole of Akwa-Ibom), at 58, holds a Bachelor’s & Master’s degree in ‘Public Administration’ from ‘the University of Uyo, in Akwa-Ibom with a doctorate in the works. He was a former Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources in the state. He is also a pastor (an ordained Apostle in God’s vineyard  as he is addressed), better still ‘Undershepherd’ of the ‘All Nations Christian Ministry International’ and is the ‘Chief Executive Officer/’Governor’ of Royalty Group Limited’, a group of companies established in 1997 that’s into hospitality, manufacturing and oil and gas.

He cut his professional teeth via working at Union Bank of Nigeria in 1982, before moving on to Bertola Machine Tools Ltd between 1985 and 1990, then he moved to Norman Holdings from 1990 to 1997 where he left as the Group General Manager, Commercial Services to establish his own thriving business the ‘Royalty Hotels and Recreation Ltd’ in 1997. He was said to have taken a loan of N100M then to execute a contract which opened doors for him to become who he is today.

His wife, Mrs. Patience Eno is equally a pastor and they are blessed with 6 kids.

But Obong Akanimo Asuquo Udofia, the man known by the tag AK-47, majorly so because of the alacrity and his adroitness at getting things done with minimum fuss, and panache at 52, was born on June 19, 1969. And he has always been a private sector lord all his life.

Never worked for Government, never did any contract for Government, but one man that has built a family owned business into a multibillion dollars valued entity today, that’s respected by renowned international brands of high repute.

Akanimo Asuquo Udofia, is a graduate of the same University of Uyo as Ume Eno, but with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration, a degree he further garnished with a Master’s from the prestigious Harvard School of Business, Boston Massachusetts, USA.

He is the CEO/MD of Desicon Engineering Ltd, a company well reputed for its involvement in procurement, engineering, construction and more in the very lucrative oil and gas sector. Desicon has her tentacles spread from Nigeria, to Chad and Ghana.

The APC candidate is also a board member (director) of the giant known as ‘Saipem Contracting Nigeria Ltd’, which has 167 companies in the corporate family. Saipem is actually referred to by industry experts as ‘the oldest international services company in Nigeria’ involved in the oil and gas business and more. They are into utility system construction, architectural engineering, business of mining and more.

There’s infact nothing that Saipem does in Nigeria that Desicon is not involved in.

Desicon was established in Nigeria many decades ago by Akanimo’s dad ‘Obong Asuquo Udofia’ and when Akanimo Udofia became the boss of the company about 3 decades ago, he literally grew an already big and well respected brand into the well respected, well applauded behemoth it is today.

Akanimo Asuquo Udofia cut his professional teeth at Vision 2000 Ltd where he began as Senior Business Manager in charge of business development and strategic planning for a World Bank financed project- Population Activities Fund Agency- PAFA. He is currently the Chairman of that same company now.

In the late 90s early 2000s, he partnered with Stolt-Bouygues Offshore on the Amenam Project coordinating oil and gas services contracts in Sub-saharan Africa with a total portfolio of projects valued at over USD$900M.

He is a well applauded international philanthropist extraordinaire. Years back in Canada, as far back as 2012, he donated $150,000 over 3 years to communities in Toronto where he was then based  to help get them back on their feet after a disaster!

He has initiated too many projects over the years- likes of free medical and surgical interventions, free trainings and scholarships, provision of water to communities. All of these projects too numerous to mention and without noise too in his homestead Akwa-Ibom.

The well spoken gentleman who is married with 3 gorgeous daughters, he loves flying and photography. He is most often in the air, travelling from one part of the world to another sealing deals and adding to the pot.

He also has investments in many other pies too abroad that are doing excellently well too.

Could this private sector very successful juggernaut, be the incoming that Akwa-Ibom State desperately needs?

This state with 31 Local Government Areas and Capital in Uyo, was created out of Cross River State on September 23, 1987, is highest oil producing state in Nigeria. It has an estimated 5.4M plus population. A state that under normal circumstances should be rivaling Lagos in terms of development and structures by virtue of her abundant oil reserves meaning more money in their coffers than most, but development hasn’t been forthcoming as expected!

So she needs someone with the plan, the smartness, the wherewithal, the connections to help push it to where it deserves to be at.

Who is the man ? Akanimo or Umo ?


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