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Toyin Lawani Adebayo with Tiannah, Tenola and Eleora
Unabashed serial entrepreneur, fashion designer and stylist Toyin Lawani Adebayo in quick fire pregnancy gist just under a year after her last born!
Toyin Lawani Adebayo with Tiannah, Tenola and Eleora

Toyin and Tiannah

It seem like this mother of 3 who only clocked 40 not too long ago, in the person of Toyin Lawani Adebayo aka Tiannah Styling or better still ATM, is in a hurry to have her family and get it done with once and for all.

According to our very reliable gist, the mother of 3, with her US based daughter  Tiannah, as her eldest child and a brilliant daughter at that, who she had for her former husband based in the UK, whom she married when she was 19, then OluwaTenola Jermaine Womadi aka lord Maine Temor her only son for now, who she had for her then boyfriend lord Trigg whose real name is Kensington Womadi, was an upcoming artist and then her last born daughter-Eleora, for her husband Segun Adebayo Druce aka Segun Wealth, a noted photographer and budding artiste.

While Tiannah is a teenager at 17 born April 29, 2005 is studying abroad, Tenola the model and now budding artist, is only 8 born January 1, 2014 and then the last born for now is none other than ”Tinukeleora Imoleayo Adebayo” who was born on August 26, 2021.

The unabashed serial entrepreneur and founder of Tiannah Empire, from what we hear is already pregnant with her 4th child, which is coming towards the 1st wedding anniversary of her marriage to Segun Adebayo. We hear that the expectant mom is already many months gone!

The entertaining duo had exchanged vows on June 21, 2021 with a mother of all reception later at the Olori Sekinat Aramide Elegushi’s imposing ‘Monarch Events Centre’, along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, in a very lavish ceremony that had so many guests from the entertainment world in attendance. It was a party that wowed all comers.

Against all odds, the colour theme for the Aso-ebi (uniform) for that society wedding was uncommonly black! A colour that some actually associates with something else, but that the very stylish crowd wore in styles that left many mouths agape in wonderment.

This new baby when he or she comes, would make it the 4th for Toyin and the 2nd between her and Segun Wealth. Segun is actually the husband of 2 wives, his 1st wife who he married on February 17, 2015 is the Port Harcourt based Edel Quin Idoga and Toyin being the 2nd, but by far more popular one he married June 2021.

Toyin is currently enjoying a lot of attention and also drama, as one of the wives on the ‘Real Housewives Of Lagos Series’ which has just reached episode 8th currently.

Toyin is believed to own as many as 30 plus successful businesses that are all doing well! She is said to have actually started in business from the age of 16! Meaning she’s has 24 long years of experience! Many don’t actually know that she’s one of the most creative fashion designers and most prominent stylists in Nigeria.

The Unilag English graduate seem to have done very well for herself.


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