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He who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. The stars and all other elements have aligned here and love has won the day. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple.
Emeka Ibe & Kelechi Benwosely
Pastor Dr. Kelechi Esimogu
Pastor Dr. Kelechi Esimogu and Pastor Joel Osteen
Pastor Kelechi with his excellency, former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Aremu Okikiola Obasanjo.
Pastor Dr. Kelechi Esimogu of the House of Grace aka Solution Centre PH

A Maestro’s Media Exclusive!

We had exclusively shared the news about this upcoming nuptial ceremony very recently. So we have thought to update the information about it all in this new far more detailed article just 2 days to the d-day. Here it’s mostly about the bride and groom themselves.

The upcoming nuptial is already the talk of the town however one wants to look at it, as it involves one of the sons, infact the eldest son for that matter of the super dapper, former Minister of State for Petroleum Resources & former Group MD of the NNPC, who doubled also as the President of OPEC at a point, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, in the person of Emeka Kachikwu as he would walk down the aisle to a lot of fanfare, as he exchanges vow of matrimony with the supremely gorgeous, sumptuously delectable and very well blessed lady of God, Pastor (Dr.) Kelechi Esimogu.

This a must be at “nuptial of the season”, would take place at a 5-star venue (we are not divulging the actual location for security purposes), on the Island, where both the church ceremony (white wedding) and the 5-star reception thereafter would take place just hours from each other at the same location.

From what we have observed so far, as in terms of preparations and what have you, no expenses whatsoever is been spared to make sure that this would be a “talk of the town” ceremony, that would define class and distinction. This would be Dr. Kachikwu’s 2nd ever wedding ceremony in a longwhile and for his son for that matter. Nkem his daughter had done hers more than half a decade ago.

The fashion/style that would be on display that day, promises to be extravagant by all standards!

The traditional wedding/engagement which is already done and dusted successfully too, like we had informed earlier, is a precursor of what should be expected on all scales. That occasion was at the Landmark Center on Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island extension, Lagos. As was expected, it was a “cultural extravaganza at its best” which was rich in traditional excellence, the Ibos sure knows their onions when it comes to things like this.

Remember that the groom’s dad is a double High Chief of Onicha-Ugbo as the Odogwu (man of great esteem) and Omeudo (peacemaker) of Onicha-Ugbo, while the bride’s parents- Chief Benwosely Esimogu & Lolo Chioma Esimogu, are also are high chiefs of Imo State too. So culture and tradition however they may have wanted to downplay it, couldn’t be pushed into the background!

The Groom’s parents are none other than Dr. Chief Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, the billionaire publisher/owner of Hello! Nigeria Magazine, Hints Magazine and Complete Fashion Magazine, who was also a former Oil Minister and the highest ranked Nigerian/African in the multinational Oil company-ExxonMobil where he rose to the level of Executive Vice-chairman/General Counsel and his delectable wife, Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Ifeanyinwa Kachikwu.

The bride’s parents who are no pushover at all themselves, are in the persons of business tycoon, Chief (Sir) Benwosely Esimogu and his gorgeous wife, Lady (Lolo) Chioma Esimogu of Umuenyi in Isiala-Mbano LGA of Imo State.

Their supremely gorgeous daughter and stylish lady of God, Pastor Dr. Kelechi Esimogu the bride, is a renowned and well respected, ‘Evangelist of repute’ in God’s vineyard, who is the founder and pastor of ‘House of Grace Ministry aka Solution Centre’ in Port Harcourt Rivers State. Her thriving ministry that she has pastored now for 7 good years, is one of the most popular and fastest growing in the South-South oil rich state of Rivers State.

Dr. Kelechi Esimogu, is the 7th and last child of her parents. She is a graduate of ‘Madonna University Nigeria Ogene Okija’ with a degree in Nursing. She has a ‘honorary doctorate degree’ which she got in 2016 at the Higher Institution of International Victory Bible Institute in Tulsa Oklahoma USA, she also has another degree in Media and Communications too from another institution. She’s not a novice Pastor at all and has had the honour of ministering with the popular and well respected Joel Osteen, the American Pastor. Her community of men and ladies of God are expected to flood her nuptial ceremony venue on Saturday in an expected show of support. One of the several well respected men of God expected is none other than the enigmatic “Pastor of the Harvesters International Christian Center HICC’, the young and vibrant ‘Bolaji Idowu’.

Pastor Kelechi the philanthropist, is also the founder of a well recognised NGO called “Women on Mission for Peace & Humanity”, which has empowered over 500 women and Children so far in the Niger-Delta and she’s also a singer who had her debut album in 2017 titled “You Rock My World”.

Pastor Dr. Kelechi Esimogu from what we heard, actually met her husband to be, via her service to God-Evangelism! From connecting Emeka to God and encouraging him to love and serve his creator with his heart, soul and body with more passion, when cupid actually crept in and shot his love soaked arrows that hit the targets (their hearts) fantastically and the rest like they say is history!

It is so obvious that like the scriptures has rightly proclaimed that “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”, that Emeka has hit gold of immeasurable value! Undoubtedly his Obi ❤️ (heart) has been rightly delivered to him.

The cool and cerebral groom, is the 1st son and 2nd child of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, ‘the Odogwu and Omeudo of Onicha-Ugbo in Aniocha LGA of Delta State’. Emeka the eldest son is after Nkem the 1st child/daughter who has 2 kids of her own, the grandchildren of Dr. Kachikwu her dad. After Emeka is Uche the budding musician son, whose own nuptial beckons too from the feelers we are getting, maybe as early as the end of the year or next year and then there’s the 17 year old Nayo and the 14 year old twins- Nedum & Eloka.

Emeka holds a ‘Bachelor’s of Art degree from the Oxford Brookes University’ in Business Management, also holds a degree in ‘Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University’. After having worked in various companies cutting his teeth, including in the oil and gas sector where his dad is a well respected lord, he founded an entertainment outfit- ‘Mind Bursters Film Ventures’ as the CEO. The 1st project (production) of the brand, was a star-studded classic comedy film called “Boss of all Bosses”, which debuted in 2018 and was very well received with people immediately expecting more from the brand.

Emeka the CEO, wrote the script for the production, executive produced same, produced it and even acted in it! All to resounding applauses.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the d-day, Saturday, June 11, 2022 as the humble and gorgeous Pastor Dr. Kelechi ties the knot with her handsome dude Emeka and both become 1.

Colours of the day- Gold, Green & Purple

Congratulations 🎊 👏 💐 🥳


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