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Except something is done fast, Akwa-Ibom may lose the golden opportunity for a welcome upgrade it needs to field the best for the 2023 Gubernatorial election.


Akanimo Asuquo Udofia aka AK-47 or AK Prosperity

APC risks not fielding any aspirant for the Gubernatorial election 2023 if care is not taken! And it would be their major loss!

After the ginormous elation that had greeted and welcomed Akanimo Asuquo Udofia’s candidacy as the APC flag-bearer for the upcoming Gubernatorial election in Akwa-Ibom State come 2023, it seems like that elation/fanfare might have been too hasty as the “Independent National Electoral Commission”- INEC, the electoral body in charge of anything to do with elections in Nigeria may have poured a dampener, ice cold water on the ambition of the well respected international billionaire businessman of high repute and by extension his party the APC.

And so, that may have heralded joy galore in the camp of the opposition led by the incumbent Governor of the state in the person of his excellency Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, a failed Presidential aspirant of the PDP himself at their recent Presidential primary, who by all means prefers above all that his anointed candidate in the person of Pastor Umo Eno of the PDP should take the baton of leadership from him, when his 8 year tenure comes to a conclusion in 2023.

Just like the hope of Akanimo Udofia’s godfather in the person of Senator Godswill Akpabio seemed dashed as his version of the primary election to become the Senate representative of his party the APC has not been recognised by the electoral body-INEC, so also the disputed primary that elected Akan Udofia as the APC Governorship candidate for Akwa-Ibom too has not been recognised also by the INEC.

The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Akwa Ibom State, Mike Igini, has said the commission would only recognise the winner of the primaries monitored by INEC. And that both primaries for Akanimo and Akpabio weren’t monitored by INEC.

So as it were now, except a court of competent jurisdiction would rule otherwise and accept that the APC actually did right in her conducts, the All Progressives Congress-APC in Akwa-Ibom State has no Gubernatorial candidate in 2023, making it easy sailing for the PDP and Pastor Umo Eno to coast home without any struggles.

While for the Senatorial seat, the other primary won by DIG Udom Udo Ekpoudom Rtd which was monitored by INEC for Akwa-Ibom North West Senatorial District is the valid one that stands. By this it means that Godswill Akpabio has lost in 3 ways- he resigned from his office as Minister for the Niger-Delta, he stepped down his Presidential ambition for the Asiwaju and then now his fall back plan, his quest to become a Senator again has hit the rock!

According to Mike Igini, the recognised primary was concluded on the 27th of last month- May 2022. Which was the one that was conducted by the APC and was monitored by INEC and the report has been submitted to Abuja. INEC is not aware of any senatorial primaries conducted on Thursday (June 9) that was monitored by INEC, none”, he stated.

Igini also affirmed that the APC has no governorship candidate in the state, saying the governorship primary, where Akanimo Udofia emerged winner was not monitored by INEC.


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