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Thank God what could have gone terribly downhill was quickly averted as the planned show of shame between Lara Olukotun vs. Mercy Aigbe was nipped in the bud.
Omolara ‘Lara’ Olukotun of Larritt Shoe Village
Mercy Aigbe aka Mrs. Kazeem Adeoti (Adekaz)
Iyabo Ojo

What could have turned out far worse as a public show of shame of immense proportion, was somehow quickly averted by other guests in attendance at a party in Lagos when the popular boss of Larritt Shoe Village in Ikeja, Lara Olukotun in anger, not caring the outcome, threw a bottle at the head of ace actress Mercy Aigbe, who was sat opposite her which missed her by whiskers and could have lead to blood letting and more violence, had the weapon hit target!

One of those that was a close witness to the dangerous altercation that occurred or what could have led to more violence, was none other than ace actress and a part of the cast of the current soar away series the ‘Real Housewives Of Lagos’, in the person of Iyabo Ojo, who in the midst of the imbroglio kept her cool all the way.

In a video of the whole mess seen, Iyabo was comfortably sat next to the Larritt Boss- Lara sipping her drink with a big smile on her face obviously having fun, while Mercy now Mrs. Adekaz II sat opposite and was obviously gesticulating in a funny manner making a jest of someone or something, only for the Larritt Boutique boss to suddenly get up in anger exclaiming with expletives whilst picking up a bottle at the same time  in front of her and throwing the same at Mercy with utter vehemence. Immediately that was done, the table scattered and both combatants had to be led away for the sake of peace! Before things could degenerate further into a battle of the season!

No one has at yet has been able to pinpoint particularly the actual crux of the matter or the remote reason such violence could have been inspired!

Is Lara Olukotun a friend or sympathiser of Mr. Adekaz’s estranged 1st wife- Oluwafunsho Asiwaju? Could it be that Lara was defending the honour of her friend somewhat? Or may be there’s fat more to it.

Lara has been known before now to not suffer fools gladly no matter what, so she’s ready to throw it down anywhere, anyplace at all times, not caring whose ox is gored . The former lover of ace Fuji musician Wasiu Pasuma Alabi had had an open all weapons unleashed fight with her close friend Iyabo Ojo (they are back again as bffs) over her lover Pasuma before.

Anyways, Mercy Aigbe was seen being led away by her gun-toting security details to avoid far more embarrassment, as it was obvious Lara was ready to take her down with full force!


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