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The Love tango that has turned awry. Who would help settle the matter?
Omolara Olukotun of Larritt Shoe Village
Alhaja Mercy AdeKaz aka Mercy Aigbe aka Aya Onikan wife of the owner.
Alhaji and Alhaja AdeKaz

Extra extra read all about it!

Many had wondered aloud wanting to know what was Lara Olukotun aka Larritt Shoe Village MD’s own with Mercy Aigbe aka Aya onikan meaning the wife of the owner, who is the 2nd wife of Adeoti Kazeem aka Adekaz whose 1st wife is Oluwafunsho.

The vehemence of the attacks and projectiles from Lara whose full name is Omolara have been so heavy and unsparing that people were awesomely alarmed about it all!

Some had postulated that maybe like Mercy herself, that she was also a good friend of the 1st wife and therefore, she was having that ones back and was willing to help her friend fight her battle to regain her home, which would have been very noble, hence the vehemence and volatility of her expletives and more.

But alas, we have since discovered that there’s far more to it all than meet the eyes, and than the mundane postulations that have been ascribed to it all and we have since discovered what actually may have been the crux of the matter!

No wonder that Lara is so unforgiving and may be rightly pained by it all!

According to our very reliable source the actual source of the imbroglio itself is none other than the man at the center of the whole attention.

He is apparently the honeypot that many ants are suckling from and are demanding attention from!

The handsome Alhaji Adeoti Kazeem aka Adekaz is a lover of many, and husband of just 2- that is Oluwafunsho and Mercy! The fact is, he is an artful blesser!

According to the true gist, Lara herself just like Mercy before her marriage was actually stamped and she became Mrs. Mercy Adeoti Kazeem nee Aigbe, was also in a secret love relationship with Alhaji Kazeem! Both were said to have been besotted with each other!

The actual fact was that Adekaz was dating both women at the same time. While Mercy’s own was a bit more on the open, Lara’s own was more off the radar and far more clandestine.

It must be noted though that in the relationship, while it lasted, the money spender and free giver was Lara, so Alhaji is like they say in Yoruba language more of a ‘faworaja’- meaning fine boy that gets taken care of by his woman rather than the other way around.

So at a point in their clandestine relationship or better still love tango, she had to go to London and the arrangement had been that Lara should go ahead and that he would meet up with her there. It was around this same time, that he and Mercy had agreed to unveil their clandestine love to the public.

So while Lara was in London and had to undergo a painful surgery that nearly claimed her life, which she claimed was for her appendix, Mercy and Adekaz had come out to the public and were luxuriating in the their love for each other as it was now no more hidden. Lara was recuperating in London!

So instead of going to London to be with Lara as was planned, he just totally shunned her and left her to deal with her new situation of a lover scorned!

So Lara herself who was a former beau of ace musician Wasiu Alabi Pasuma with his other beaus too, is actually guilty of being a sidechick too just like Mercy was. The problem now was that, Mercy who was also a sidechick before, had collected their Santa Claus or better still Father Xmas the sidechicks to take for herself all alone!

So that’s the major reason why Mercy’s famous slang- “Aye the owner”, meaning wife of the owner is so grating and a source of anger for some. It’s like openly exclaiming for the world and rubbing mud deliberately on the face of all others, stating that she was far more smart to have outmanuevred all others. One of the all others being Lara, who is known to be a no nonsense person, willing and ready to roll in the mud with the best of them all.

So after surviving her health scare in London, it was with great, unrelenting anger that Lara returned back to Nigeria. Just imagine that Lara was spending her resources to take care of her man, while the man was showing off with what the other lady got him for another!

It was actually a case of using Abu’s funds to serenade and take care of Abu! Meaning somehow, like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

It may seem like the 1st wife may actually be right about her husband in the 1st instance where she claimed she had built their home with her resources which another has now come to claim!

So the question now is, is Lara’s unforgiven anger actually justified? Both Lara and Mercy are actually birds of the same plummage at the end of it!


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