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When one of Nigeria's legends of style clocked 55 and was celebrated. She's had a very subdued two and half years since her beloved husband passed. Kudos to her for holding it together so admirably.

It has been a most sobering, very reflective last few years for this ultimate style bombshell unparalleled, who normally loves to do her things with major oomph which normally leaves mouths agape.

But since her nos 1 sidekick, her best friend forever, her unequalled knight in shining armour, her darling dearest husband, who doted on her endlessly passed on, after succumbing to an illness, it has been like her light dimmed a bit. And she went into her reflective cocoon? to deal with her wound that truly cut deep-deep.

There’s no doubt about it that she and her husband were mad close, they were like siamese twins of some kind. Truth actually is, there’s was a super close-knit family, including the kids too, it was obvious for the universe to see and admire and to pray for to experience such closeness too.

So when near 3 years ago, not too long after her 53rd birthday her superman passed on to the great beyond, not to be seen again in this realm leaving just beautiful memories behind and a well trained family members to carry on his legacy, it was devastation that only could define what had come into their home and it affected his ‘Lois Lane’ in not a little way, but she’s since braved it quite gallantly and exceptionally too at that and has been both parents to her good kids and has held the reins of his companies and investments- led by the most visible of them all -Globe Motors together without any issue whatsoever. So kudos to her!

So on the occasion of her 55th birthday, which was on Thursday, June 16, 2022, her family decided to roll out the drums to celebrate her to a certain extent as a way of saying, we love you endlessly, we appreciate you to the moon and back and also we are saying thank you so much for holding it together so gallantly and admirably.

And as was expected the very definition of a dazzler that she is, who was the cynosure of all eyes at the event, didn’t disappoint at all in her choice of birthday garb.

Decked out in her own version of the LBD (little black dress, she has good legs to show it off) under a Gucci 3/4 length amazing jacket. The blonde bombshell finished the vibe with a Gucci boot to match, which she later discarded for a glam slippers as she decided to groove to some music.

Lady Nkiru Anumudu whose husband was the late well respected businessman, Sir William Anumudu aka Sir or Uncle Willie, is one of the most stylish Africans worldwide by any yardstick you may want to judge it by. She’s an indisputable cognoscenti of the 1st class grade. And when she’s on the red carpet or she appears at an event, even the avowed stylish crowd always want to view so as to salute with nods of approval or in amazement, as they applaud whatever she’s adorned.

From top (those quirky fascinators of hers and caps of the most unusual but gloriously beautiful kind) to bottom (her choices of amazing shoes), it is always 1st grade, 7 stars ensembles.

How she ‘packages’ so very well is not a wonder to those that know her well though, these same too also know very well that she’s on a 1st name, very chummy type of relationship with the likes of Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana, the brains behind D&G and others such like. No wonder she gets to view theirs and others best collections, most times before they even go public!

A highly privileged customer that is! Hmmmm……

So on this occasion of her 55th, we say to her a well deserved happy birthday and pray for more good years ahead in grace and God’s mercy.


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