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Most likely this fiery pastor would break another record with his humongous church project set to cost him at least $150m Dollars plus....
Bishop David Oyedepo

It began earnestly last year, when all that was needed to build what is expected to become the “largest auditorium in the world” was pooled together, at an estimated cost of a whopping N100b Naira! Which arguably may be the costliest church building to date in Nigeria and probably West Africa!

Planned to be a 12 floors magnificent structure when it is finished, like a dream it has already reached the 7th floor as we speak. It would have the largest roof span in the world at completion.

It is obvious that the man behind the idea or dream, Bishop David Oyedepo, who is acclaimed to be the wealthiest pastor in the world, loves to hold and break records.

His soon to be former auditorium located in the same canaanland where 5 services are held, was a record breaker when it berthed too, especially in terms of its impressive structure and capacity. But this Ark as this new project is tagged would blow the former records to smithereens without a doubt.

The sitting capacity for this would be 109,000, making it the undoubted nos 1, atleast for a period of time in the world as a disciple of Bishop Oyedepo is said to be building what may surpass the Ark in terms of capacity.

The convertible basement which is probably one of the biggest parking spaces available in the country, would park conveniently, 330 cars at a go and when it is converted, it would sit 44000 people too!

When the auditorium is finished it would have 2 services per day instead of the present 5 services it holds and it would be equipped with the state of the art audio-visual equipments that would blow the mind plus air-conditioning systems that would rival the world’s best.

The structure would be a high-powered ”Madison Square Garden” (MSG) said to be one of the world’s best events centres on absolute steroids!

The humongous facilities would have a 20000 sitting capacity for children and would be serviced by 1200 conveniences (restrooms). The whole structure would have 129 escalators/elevators and the building or better still structure, would be powered by the church’s own outstanding power source which hasn’t blinked now for several years, so PHCN cannot hold them to ransom!

The outstanding thing about this humongous and awe inspiring structure is that there’s no input from any bank or financial institution be it through loans or other means. There’s also no outside sponsor from anywhere! But that hasn’t stopped the project from going in steadily and on time. There’s also the possibility that the time limit to finish this new structure might be record breaking too.

The billionaire man of God is the founder of 2 private universities, reputed to be 2 of the best in Nigeria namely- Covenant University, Lagos and Landmark University in his homestead.

The University like some of the other schools Faith Academy- Secondary school, Kingdom Heritage Model School (Primary school), the 50000 capacity Faith Tabernacle that was finished in a record breaking 12 months in 1999, the church secretariat, Youth Chapel, various companies like atleast 4 commercial banks and a community bank, bakery, water processing plant, petrol station, housing estate and residential buildings, restaurants and shops etc are located inside the vast Canaanland.

The very outspoken and fiery Bishop is reputed to own atleast 3 to 4 private jets. He is 67 and from Omu-Aran in Kwara State.


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