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Sad one for this Nollywood actor as he bags 16 years in jail for child molestation.

A very sad day and end for the ace comedian as he would be spending a sizeable part of his life locked up for his offence, while his accusers including Princess and Iyabo Ojo are vindicated for their uproar in the aftermath of their accusation last year.

Much as the popular Yoruba comedian-Baba Ijesha had tried to extricate himself from the problem he brought upon himself, it seems like justice has finally been served in the case of the child molestation case that he was accused of by a former friend and fellow comedian Princess.

According to the news that just came in, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of the Ikeja Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Court on Thursday sentenced the Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, aka Baba Ijesha, to 16 years imprisonment.

In a two-hour ruling on Thursday, Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo found Baba Ijesha guilty of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault on a minor who was 14 at the time of the incident.

He was however cleared of counts one and six, which were sexual assault by penetration and attempted sexual assault by penetration, by Justice Taiwo Taiwo.

At least 16 years jail is still a lot milder compared to the maximum of a life imprisonment that his prosecutors had expected before.


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