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Just imagine a whopping 14 failed IVFs session and too many miscarriages for a young couple to bare and 8 long years before their bundles of joy finally arrived !

God be praised in the Most high as it is celebration galore in the household of Olamiju Alao-Akala, the tall and handsome scion of the late former Governor of Oyo State and strongman of South West politics, Chief Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala and by extension the household of the great industrialist and Aare of Lagos, Chief Razak Akanni Okoya, as his super gorgeous and brilliant daughter Hadiza, put to bed after 8 long years of marriage, waiting without any issue to call her own!

The couples marriage was sealed in April of 2014 after a very beautiful wedding ceremony that was star-studded and had the creme of the society in attendance, as both parents on both sides are highly respected members of the high society. Thereafter expectations were high that soon after the wedding were done with, beautiful babies- maybe males and females were soon going to fill up their household to showcase parts of God’s blessings towards them.

So 1st year passed then the next then the next till finally God did only that which He only does, as they finally welcomed twin kids to the elation of all.

These bundles of joy from what we heard came after a whopping 14 failed IVF sessions and many miscarriages that would have totally deflated others, but the couple still kept their faith and held on to God.

What some people take for granted as they find so easy while dropping babies like its a walk in the park, some find rather difficult and when grace smile on them they are super grateful!

The overjoyed lady and new mum personally shared her joy on the social media as she intimated the world of the benevolence of God towards her via her Instagram handle @raisa_hadiza thus-

“….it started in November 2014 Innocent naive and hopeful, Little did I know what was in front of me.
God all I can say is thank you After 14 IVFs, multiple miscarriages including 24 weekers boy/girl twins and 17 weekers identical triplets girls. Today I celebrate the birth of my full-term babies
Look at God.”

The late Otunba Akala had eagerly awaited the birth of his grandchild/grandchildren but alas had passed in 6 months ago. If he could look back we are too sure he would be jumping for joy and pumping the air in absolute happiness over his good fortune and the grace of God upon his eldest son and his daughter in law’s lives.

The outpouring of congratulatory messages have been unprecedented, it has been like a flood of unabating rain!

We join the sea of happy souls to wish the mother and children very well and we congratulate also the happy father on this too.

May joy everlasting be yours!


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