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The pain from this excruciating loss is not subsiding so easily as this warrior battled with so many demons in her life just to succeed and just when she should start singing hooray at least, death has snatched her away. What a shame and a loss!
Late Ada Ameh & her late beloved daughter

The reverberations from her sudden and sad death is unrelenting. Like an unsung hero, she had given life her all like a warrior should from that young age of 14 till things began to look up a tiny bit, but still yet, the life did do her bad!

What a terrible loss!

For someone who did her possible best to try to rewrite her bad or is it sad beginning, it’s so sad that death snatched her away so fast and at a point when she should be celebrating her triumph somewhat after all she had gone through and survived.

From an early age-while still a teenager she had battled rejection and then fell into prostitution, addiction and poverty, all issues that she battled to a standstill through her life.

She had gotten pregnant at the young age of 14 and for that mistake alone, all hell was let loose on her. And her loving father who had had great hope for his 1st born daughter, was highly disappointed in his impressionable child and as a result sent her packing from his household and there commenced her extreme hardship- no home, no parental support of any kind and pregnant, so she had to grow up super fast!

From one place to the other, she had to look for a place to hide and lay her head till she gave birth, having to move constantly, it couldn’t have been easy at all?

To make ends meet, she admitted she had to engage in prostitution. In the course of doing all she could to survive, she got addicted to drinks and illicit drugs- weed. She had to drop out of school as she was pregnant and then she had to survive, school wasn’t in the book at all then!

Then gradually after a while from out of the thick darkness there was light at the end of the tunnel, as she found expression in Nollywood and that actually brought her a bit of respite and she gave it her best. One of her most memorable act as Anita was in an old classic of the late 90s called Domitilla. And a more recent series that made her a household name as Emu Johnson, was the award winning TV series-The Johnsons.

While she felt she could at least try to exhale a bit and see the dark parts of her earlier life as a learning curve and a distant past to help keep her humble, darkness then crept in again clandestinely and snatched her source of joy from her without a care, as her only child and daughter for that matter- Aladi Gift, died in October of 2020 from complications from an unsuccessful surgery in Abuja, the FCT. That period wasn’t a good time at all for the mother of one! It was devastation plus despondency and far more!

While still grappling with such immense pain that could have easily killed others, she again lamented at a point quite recently too, about depression and indebtedness, that was just only a few weeks back in June of 2022, which could have been a signpost of some major hidden issues, but as a warrior that she has always tried to be, she also gave the assurance immediately that she would survive it too and overcome. Like yes I am in some bad shape, but I would soon get out of it again too!

But alas it isn’t to be, while not expecting it at all, the grim reaper- that evil and terrible messenger of death who reaps where she didn’t sow, came calling with a useless message of death and snatched her life away, leaving family members, friends, associates and more despondent and devastated!

Many disbelievingly have not being able to come to terms with what they have heard yet! Ada dead? How? When? Where? What? Why?

It has come to them as a rude shock!

And it’s like an expensive joke has been cracked remorselessly by a senseless jester or it’s just a nightmare they would soon be awoken from!

Sadly Ada is truly gone. As her ghost has since departed her lifeless body, she can only be seen now in the good memories of her dearly beloved ones. She’s sadly gone to unite again with her beloved child!

May her dearest soul find that rest she fervently craved for.


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