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A terribly unfortunate death announced of Ada Ameh a Nollywood thespian who slumped and gave up the ghost in Warri, Delta State.
The vivacious Ada Ameh, 48

In what can only be declared as quite unpalatable news, the death has been announced of famous actress Ada Ameh, which sad occurrence happened yesterday Sunday, July 16, 2022 in Warri, Delta State when she suddenly slumped and thereafter gave up the ghost in what has been a very shocking happenstance!

The well loved and outspoken thespian, well famous for her role in the popular The Johnsons TV series was said to have been a guest of an oil company topshot and his family when she suddenly collapsed.

The 48 year old lady was thereafter rushed to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) hospital, not too far away from where she had collapsed, where she was pronounced dead on arrival (DOA).

Prior to her sudden death that night, she had posted on her page where she was having fun earlier at just after noon, not knowing the messenger of death was going to knock at her door later on in the evening.

Ada Ameh had been hit by a sledgehammer not too long ago, (about 2 years now in 2020 to be more precise) when her adult daughter 30 year old, said to be her only child had passed on unfortunately, an occurrence that left her devastated terribly and which made many to rally around her to console her and strenthen her.

She had quite recently complained of some sort of depression (mental distress and indebtedness) causing her anxiety thus- “I have an issue right now and it’s taking my life, but I no go die. We would get over it. I was given a job, but I didn’t do it because I have mental health issues”, this was just a few weeks back before her shocking, totally unfortunate and quite painful passage lastnite.

May her dear soul finally find the rest she absolutely deserves.


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