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The Nollywood Glam Squad are declaring their political ambition in torrents. First was Tonto, followed by Funke Akindele aka Jenifa and now is Carolyna Hutchings Danjuma. Whose next?

Never in the history of the country have we had so many people, especially the ladies in the entertainment sector of Nigeria (Nollywood) shown such interest in politics than this season. Not only are these gorgeous and quite popular ladies sticking out their gorgeous necks on the slab of politics, they are infact showing to the world that they are far more conscious of their environment than people may have thought and are willing for that matter to help bring the necessary changes that everyone is clamouring for.

No more distant or undercover clamouring again as it used to be, where out of fear so they face their businesses strictly and are closet political animals, but not anymore it seems, they want to put their money where their mouths are, and are now very willing to be very visible participants without fear of any kind.

We saw not too long ago when Ambassador king Tonto Dikeh, a well known, no nonsense Nollywood figure and philanthropist came out boldly in Rivers State as a Deputy Governorship aspirant of the ADC party- “African Democratic Congress”, where she would stand as the aspirant next to the party’s Gubernatorial candidate by the name “Tonte Ibraye” with the tag #RiversRescueMission2023: Tonte/Tonye 2023- The Future is Now. What stands this duo out is that they are both young for a fact and then their audacity to want to contest against somewhat career ‘politrickcians’ backed by moneybags or experienced godfathers who are willing to do just about anything to carry the day, so they must be commended. This duo are actually looking to grab the attention of the youth and young at mind to change the status quo in their state.

Tonto who is 37, (d.o.b June 9, 1985) is an Ikwerre from Rivers State and a graduate of ‘Petroleum Engineering’ from the ‘Rivers State University of Science and Technology’. She’s a divorced mother of 1- a son by the name King, she’s a well recognised humanitarian and some claim a controversial person.

Then 2nd to follow suit not long after, but in a far more well established political party that carries more political weight, is none other than the famous and award winning thespian and businesswoman, ‘Funke Akindele aka Jenifa’, who was very recently unveiled after some denial at 1st, as the PDP Deputy Governorship Candidate in Lagos State. The state  Government (an APC one) must be beating them self silly now for granting her state pardon after she violated the Covid-19 lock down regulations in 2020. As that conviction alone could have effectively pooh-poohed her ambition now.

Her choice as his assistant by the Governorship flag-bearer of the ‘PDP-Dr. Abdulaziz OlaJide Adediran aka Jandor’, was nonetheless audacious as it may have appealed to a particular crowd- the real youths- skilled and not so skilled, who normally doesn’t care for anything to do with elections before. The mother of twins, has since she was announced, shed her toga of timidity to show that her nomination isn’t a joke at all and not in anyway cosmetic too. She actually recently boasted that she and her principal would defeat the incumbent- ‘Babajide Olusola Sanwoolu’ and by extension Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, most especially with the backing of her 20 plus million followers on the social media. To dismiss her growing threat could be at the peril of anyone that does so. The Osun State recent election where ‘a comic’ actually carried the day may have shown to all, that nothing is actually impossible. Olufunke Akindele is from Ikorodu and would be 45 next month on August 24, 2022 (d.o.b is August 24, 1977) to be more precise. She’s is a law graduate of the University of Lagos and had attended Moshood Abiola Polytechnic before gained admission into Unilag.

Now a 3rd very glamorous lady, equally as gorgeous as the 1st 2 ladies and also with a Nollywood background too has joined the political bandwagon. And this time around it is none other than “Carolyna (Caroline for some) Ekanem Hutchings Danjuma”.

Carolyna is the 35 year old (d.o.b-June 26, 1987) mother of 3 kids- (2 boys and a girl), who used to be married to the billionaire shipping magnate Musa Danjuma, the younger sibling of former Chief of Army staff, retired General Theophilus Danjuma, who is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s wealthiest men, who is the husband of the “diamond queen” Senator Daisy Danjuma.

Carolyna is of mixed parentage, as her dad -“Julian Hutchings is a Scot” and her mom- “Princess Nae Jennifer Paddy Davies” is of Royal ancestry. Carolyna’s full name is ‘Caroline Uduakabasi Hutchings, the Ekanem is a name from her maternal connect, her maternal grandmother is a blue blood.

She’s an award winning thespian, film producer, content producer and more. She’s a realtor owning her own businesses-one of which is Hutchings Realty and is also engaged in the Oil and Gas business, in the downstream sector to be more precise. She used to be involved in the luxury lifestyle business with her brand Luxury Addicts, which in its her days was L’Oréal stamped. But she later sold off the business.

The outspoken and no nonsense beauty is very well educated too as she took time after chid bearing and all to engage herself quite productively educationally. She holds an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School (Herriot Watt University, she also has an International Law and Diplomacy (MILD) PG degree fron the University of Lagos. Her Bachelor’s from the same University of Lagos is in Geography and Regional Planning then a Environmental Protection and Management (GRPEPM) from the University of Calabar, Cross River State. That’s not all she also holds a certificate in Innovation as Survival Imperative and Entrepreneurship from the Lagos Business School LBS.

She’s a renowned humanitarian with her platform ‘Hopeville Foundation’ for her intervention in many areas for the less privileged. Be it for IVF treatment or separation of conjoined twins etc.

Carolyna, who is the Obong Uwana Edet and renowned to unapologetically favour luxury to the highest score since that’s what she’s used to, but from the looks of it, has gotten ready to do all that’s needed to help rescue her state come next election to fill the seats of the Governor with Mr. Iboru Otu and herself as his deputy on the platform of the “African Action Congress”- AAC. She’s related to the former paramount ruler of Eket- HRM Edidem William Esiet Ekwere.


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