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Billionaire Prince Arthur Eze adds to his fleet with a Gulfstream G450 that costs hundreds of millions of Naira

It’s a normal thing it seems that while the world is claiming worldwide economic recession and countries of the world are complaining about this and that, with Nigeria a supposed giant of Africa claiming to be broke (outrageous to say the least), the wealth of the wealthiest individuals around the world seems to be impervious to whatever the world is undergoing and their wealth is most definitely on the increase!

One of those super rich individuals who seems to be having it excellent on all counts is none other than Prince Arthur Eze, a blue blood of Ukpo village where his elder brother is the traditional ruler of their village.

Though Prince Arthur Eze may not have been listed officially on the Forbes list of the wealthiest Nigerians as he should be (we don’t actually know why) like many of the perennial features who are his compatriots in the league of the hefty men and woman, but those who know and who should know very well too at that and who themselves are noted billionaires know for certain that the founder and CEO of “Atlas Oranto Petroleum” which he founded in the early 90s is undoubtedly a ‘certified billionaire’ many times over without a doubt! He is reputed to be worth at least between $5B to $6B dollars.

The soon to be 74 year old man born in November 27 of 1948 in Ukpo village, Dunukofia LGA Anambra State, the state ‘unofficially acclaimed’ or reputed to have more billionaires/multimillionaires in Nigeria per space compared to any other state in Nigeria, may have just dazzled everyone by taking delivery of probably the nos 1, most expensive private jet owned by anyone else in Nigeria!

According to the unconfirmed gist that has taken the airwaves by storm, Prince Arthur Eze’s supposed ‘brand new’ bird said to be a “Gulfstream G450” is said to have cost him a whopping ($150m dollars) which in Naira comes to a whopping (N97b plus Naira!) which is outrageous!

According to our findings, if the private jet is actually a G450 like its been reported, the highest it could have cost everything more factored in, couldn’t have been more than $45m dollars at most which is still a ln hefty amount and that’s for a brand new one.

Production of new G450 was supposed to have stopped since 2018 as the G450 transitioned to G500. Even the ultimate in range so far which is the G650 isn’t more than $65m dollars brand spanking new!

A pre-owned G450 costs between $14 to $35m dollars, while a G65O version starts at $39m dollars. A G450 can travel upto 4350 nautical miles on a single tank of fuel.

The G450 came ti birth in 2004 and the last made was in 2017 with 354 made in total. It carries between 14 and a maximum of 16 passengers. The direct rivals of the G450 are the Bombardier Global 5000, Dessault Falcon 900 EX EASy and Embraer Legacy 650.

Not that the Prince who does his things in a awesome or best superlative way can’t afford a $150m private jet though. As at 2020 well the respected Prince had in his intimidating garage at least 5 Rolls Royce that’s atleast about ($1.5m dollars) and still counting and not less than 7 Maybachs that’s about ($1.4m dollars or more), that’s not counting any other monster cars he owns in many numbers in the garage.

The graduate of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering from the California State University, Long Beach, USA has since come a very long way. The philanthropist, oil mogul and politician’s company is reputed to be the largest privately held Nigerian exploration and product group.

Atlas Oranto Petroleum is said to own about 22 oil and gas licenses in 12 jurisdictions across Africa. The brand is said to be the largest holder of oil exploration blocks in Africa. This alone translates to billions of dollars!


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