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This store is probably one of the most beautiful and best well stocked in Lagos for purveyors of luxury fashion and more.

This super luxury lifestyle store for upscale fashion and beauty items is nestled strategically on Adeola Odeku Street, Plot 64 on that road to be more precise and the building used to be the former branch of Diamond Bank on that street, just between the MTN office next to the famous eatery by the name ‘Black Bell Restaurant’ and the well known ‘Coscharis Motors/Coscharis Plaza’ at their corner piece at the junction between Adeola Odeku and Akin Adesola facing Slot Ltd on the opposite side of the road.

Plot 64 is an imposing building that has a part of it shaped like a closed lipstick (lipgloss) on the outside and also has a ‘massive television screen’ on the outside to promote what the brand does inside- which is upscale lifestyle to the nines.

Though the exterior doesn’t say much, it’s until you enter the compound and park and then saunter inside entering the down floor of the building that you are met by a beautiful, very well laid out store, that leaves your mouth open in amazement, as you are immediately transformed and swept off your feet like you are inside a mini of some sections of the international luxury stores abroad likes of the world famous -Harrods (where the queen shops if she needs to) or Selfridges or Neiman Marcus or Harvey Nichols, infact, it’s like being inside a mini Dubai Luxury Mall.

The owners of ‘RJ4 Lagos’ did an outstanding job in their layout and decor and they must have spent a ‘colossal amount of good money’ to get that ambience right. As you are immediately transported and enveloped by the good embrace of the space or better still by the luxurious, but quite welcoming ambience.

First of, you are greeted by a courteous staff member who welcomes you with a beautiful smile, ushering you in with happiness and then at a glance you see a well laid out store that grabs your attention immediately and holds it transfixed!

Right in front of you on the left, are different brands of beautiful looking ‘home fragrances’ with their different brand names that are well renowned, having their own stands likes of Teatrol, Dera & Made by Zen. They all come in candles, diffusers and even sprays.

Their different testers are well laid out in front of them for your exclusive experience so you could chose from an array of very good choices. Name some of the best brands of that sector that you know and more and you have it available here.

Opposite that section to the right, facing these luxury home fragrances right in the middle part you have displays of some magnificent brands of body fragrances/perfumes of the Niche range or the exclusives of some well known brands, sporadically displayed to gain your attention for an experience. Such like Mutis, Boadicea, Sarya and Jouri.

Next to that you have the cashier section that’s just tucked into a corner next to the spiral steps that leads upstairs like you want to take a journey into heaven!

This winding stairs is what you see outside in the compound as a ‘standing lipstick 💄but without the red part though, if you look well!

The inside of this lipstick inside the building itself, are the steps that elegantly leads upstairs to another wow experience that leaves the mouth agape!

At the top of this winding stairs above your head as you climb up, is an imposing chandelier evoking a star-studded heavenly realm of the stars shining down.

Those that did the interior of the ‘RJ4 Lagos’ the billion Naira valued luxurious shopping complex, got it right and we applaud.

Let’s quickly finish the tour of the down floor 1st before talking about the heavenly realm upstairs.

Standing at elegant attention and very well laid out and just a arm shot away from the cashier stand, are the different brands of 💋 lipsticks (some refers to them as lip-glosses still the same thing though); and compact powders and foundations likes of ‘BondNos9 lipsticks’, the ‘Fenty Beauty Range’, which are very well known for their massive range of colour choices and also renowned for been longer lasting with extensive colour choices to pick from, there was also the award winning ‘Huda beauty brand’ owned by probably ‘the most renowned Kenyan bombshell socialite/celebrity alive right now in the world after Lupita Nyong’o, that’s talking about the quite impressive, ‘the self advertising fashionista and luxury junkie “Huddah Monroe”, we hear her products are actually on the top 10 list of best brands in the world! Wow!!!

Then there’s also Nars, then also Juvia’s place too.

Then you move in more and then just behind the lipstick section are where the ‘beauty range of products’ from renowned brands are very well displayed to effect! Everything is well laid out, we mean brand by brand from L’Oréal to Clinique to Dermalogica to Makari to Mary Kay to Clarins to Elizabeth Arden etc.

Opposite the beauty range section in the middle section are the Bondnos9 (not 007) array of perfumes standing at impressive attention in a pride of place where you cannot ignore them for any reason at all, but you would just have to check them out and next to the Bonds are a few other ‘Niche brand’ with exclusive names likes of Amouage or Creed or Stephane Humbert Lucas.

On the wall display next to the Bondnos9s, are various very popular fragrances/perfumes of the ‘mainstream range’-the likes of Hermes, Dior, Paco Rabanne, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, Armani etc.

Going in further and to the last corner for that matter, tucked comfortably at the back-end near where the make-over (make-up) studio is, which is owned by Joyce Jacobs, one of Nigeria’s most well-known make up artists presently, is where a small part is dedicated to the luxury home range- where you would see super exclusive chinas (tea-sets) and plates plus cutleries and jugs to make your heart flutter with longings- just imagine having tea with these different high end sets? Yummicilious 😋 !

Around this spot is where you have also have products for the hair too likes of Mizani, Shea Moisture and also ‘As I am’.

Now lets have the tour of the ‘heavenly realm upstairs’ too lol. As you get to the top of the winding stairs, you are welcomed by the wall of flowers to your immediate right with the RJ4 Lagos logo nestled comfortably in the middle, a further step in sees you looking at an intimidating shelf that all collectors of good fragrances would love to high-heavens, filled with exclusive brands of some of the most exclusive perfumes you can think of. The renowned ‘Boadicea the Victorious’ range in its full range from Valiant to Carbon Sapphire to Elaborate to……, sits here like the ‘boss of all bosses’, here side by side with the likes of the Antiqua range, Gharbi, Stephane Humbert Lucas!

Then you move further in to the right still, then you see some more exclusive brands having a wall space all to themselves in their full repertoire- likes of the ‘BondNos9’, ‘Boadicea the Victorious’ and even ‘Amouage’.

It’s glaringly obvious that RJ4 Lagos stocks all their exclusive brands in their full range of the names mentioned.

Not far at all from these perfumes are the shoes and bags walls hmmmmmmmm…… this walls to say the least are truly impressive- there’s that of the Gucci for the ladies and next to the Gucci wall is the ‘over impressive’ “Bottega Veneta” wall.

Bottega has been enjoying an immense revival in fortune in the last few years and what they have been churning out ‘season by season’ for quite a while now have been nothing short of badass. Imagine that Bottega even has a particular colour renowned by them- the Bottega Green! Bottega has a prominent space here at RJ4 Lagos that welcomes you with love ❤️ !

Those Gucci slippers we saw in powder pink & another in white and even in black made us salivate in excitement!

On the opposite side to the left you have things for the men. Things like sneakers, shoes, slippers, tops (shirts, t-shirts), bottoms- pants (trousers) and jeans from good brands known by the stylish gentlemen likes of Billionaire Couture, D Squared, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Giuseppe Zanoti, Bally, John Galliano, Valentino half-shoes, Angelo Galasso and more. We even encountered fantastically well made shoes by Nigerian designer- Atafo.

After that you have hangers of clothes for ladies of style from different international luxury clothing brands and further in, a few more, from very exclusive and quite impressive Nigerian luxury clothing brands too.

It was impressively obvious that the store specially curated outfits for their very discerning clientele range.

The displays were topnotch, the spacing in the store fantastic, the range they stock exclusive and impressive.

And you could even come order for what isn’t even in store yet but available on the international markets and you have the assurance it would be delivered to you maximum of 2 weeks from Paris or Milan whereabouts.


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