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Not a good one for this young lady of just 29 who might have allowed unnecessary pressure to lead her to greed to now become a criminal- trafficking hard drugs. Now she has to pay for her crime! What a shame as not all that glitters is gold.

Not a good day on the job for this 29 year old ‘celebrated hair merchant’ by the name ‘Onuorah Caritas Onyinye aka Smart Beyonce Hairs’ whose smartness on her other job carrying illicit drugs (cocaine) was exposed, as she was caught red-handed at the Enugu Airport on Saturday, July 23, 2022 on arrival from the notorious Addis Ababa route on an Ethiopian Airline.

A search by the vigilant “Drugs Enforcement Agency” officials conducted on her belongings revealed a cache of hard drugs weighing (2.192kg) said to be cocaine, expertly concealed in the false linings of her 2 female designer bags, leading to her immediate arrest.

Her current predicament is said to have devastated her enormously, as the reality that she’s most likely going to spend some good years behind the bars if convicted has since dawned on her!

An anonymous friend who is said to be close, is said to have commented that her eventual journey to the jail actually began 2 to 3 years ago, when a friend took Smart Beyonce abroad to open her eyes to how she could make good money and from that time till she was caught things took a magnificent turn.

She’s yet to sing like a canary though about her sponsor (s) as she’s kept that very important information to herself (atleast for now).

With this particular capture as it were, does this actually mean that when they claim to be in this business and they are on an outrageous money spending spree- buying G Wagons, Mercedes Benzes, Range Rovers etc, buying homes and plazas, carrying those expensive (it bags) and dressing to the nines in strictly designer apparels to pepper 🌶 all, there may be far more to it than meets the eye?


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