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Abundant joy and unbridled happiness envelopes the Palace of the Source as after 3 and half years of waiting the Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife and Arole Odua gets set to welcome home officially his new wife- Olori Mariam Ogunwusi nee Anako! A well deserved hooray is presented by us.
Olori Mariam Ogunwusi nee Anako

Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II. Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife, the source.

We had hinted about this particular happenstance occurring and had thought to keep the story under wraps for a bit, so all that should be done was getting done.

By that we mean that so that the i’s would be dotted and then the t’s crossed. So while we kept quiet for so long, the news has someway somehow gotten leaked, so we have thought to now go the full throttle.

But before we go to the full unveiling of this delightsome incoming queen (Olori), who would be the face of the palace without a doubt in the person of Olori Mariam Ogunwusi nee Anako, let’s tell you categorically without mincing words whatsoever that, the noisome era of the former Olori, prophetess Silekunola Oluwaseyi Ogunwusi is gone forever.

Olori/prophetess Morenike Naomi Silekunola Oluwaseyi Ogunwusi

There’s no return whatsoever to the palace again as anything, either as queen or even a paramour of “his imperial majesty, Alaiyeluwa Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II, Arole Odua Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife, the source”.

Same way the distasteful era of ‘Olori Zaynab Wuraola Otiti who was the 1st official wife of the current Ooni, as soon as he became the 51st monarch of Ile-Ife, after the demise of Olubuse II, has been swept away. That era too has been swept into the dustbin of history, only to be remembered as just specks in distant thoughts.

Olori Zaynab Wuraola Otiti

Now to this current and most important of them all from the enviable harem of the most celebrated monarch of the Yoruba race.

We can tell you for a fact and you can cash our assertion at the bank too if you like, that this incoming queen ”Olori Mariam Ogunwusi nee Anako” has been with his imperial majesty for not less than 3 and half years now.

By this we mean they have been dating (an item now) quietly, away from any publicity or intrusion for 3 and half years.

Fact also is that, there has been introduction too, a very quiet one at that, so she isn’t a newbie. The parent(s) or better still family of the Olori know the monarch very well.

Truth is, Olori Mariam lost her dad at a young age and was brought up in the home of the former IGP Mohammed Dikko Abubakar who reigned as the boss of the Nigerian Police between (2012 to 2014). MD Abubakar has he is known, is the in-law of Africa’s wealthiest man- Alhaji Aliko Dangote, whose daughter is married to Jamil Abubakar, the pilot 1st son of MD Abubakar.

Olori Mariam Ogunwusi’s mom herself was a former Police Commissioner in Kwara State. Mariam is from Kogi State.

The very hardworking, well loved and highly cerebral Mariam is a top management executive- (Administrative Manager) of Nestoil owned by the billionaire Dr. Ernest Nnaemeka Azudialu Obiejesi.

Nestoil is the largest indigenous EPCC company meaning Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning company in the Oil and Gas sector of the economy and a part of the hydra headed and intimidating Obiajackson Group. Olori Mariam’s responsibility in the brand she works for is quite enormous to say the least as she has the ears of her chairman and CEO, who she works with directly.

Of all the Olori’s that have come on board publicly and acknowledged and stamped by the palace as wives of Oba Adeyeye, this particular one parks a punch and is cut very differently, as she’s a career personality.

This is actually one of the reasons why her relationship with the monarch was deliberately kept underwraps by her and also the palace too. Because of her career which she holds very important, she preferred to be incognito until maybe now, but has been around all through when the shenanigans concerning the last Olori was ongoing.

She has been working quietly in the background, unobstructively too helping to repackage the outlook of the monarch and how he is perceived.

She’s in her mid-30s, was single and never been married before and yet to give birth. Her beautiful relationship with the Ooni has the full backings of her family who are also close to the Sarakis of Ilorin and also has the full backings of her CEO & his wife, Dr & Mrs. Ernest and Nnenna Azudialu-Obiejesi.

From what we have heard, instead of all the plenty public ceremonies of the past that’s used to usher in an Olori, this instead would be a quiet one, devoid of any public razzmatazz. Most likely it’s just an announcement that may be made that the Olori is now at the palace officially.

Mariam is like the 8th with 7 elder ones ahead of her and in fact the 2nd to the last. Her immediate elder sister-Medinat Anako, is the Special Adviser on Intergovernmental Affairs and Kogi State Diaspora Focal Point Officer (DFPO) to Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State. She had gotten married in 2014 as the 4th wife of a top socialite and businessman Alhaji Olanrewaju Akanni Mohammed aka Lamex. She is a lawyer and businesswoman and was at a time very close to the current Nigerian  Ambassador to Spain- Demola Seriki.

Their elder sister Mrs. Raliat Abdulrahman, is the SA to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila.

The Anakos are prominent Igbira people from Kogi who settled in Ilorin, Kwara State. Their family home is in Adewole Estate, which is the enclave of the very well to do in Ilorin.

For those wondering about that other lady that was thought to be amongst the Ayaobas of the Ooni in the person of the London based Shade, who was a self-professed Olori, she was only just a paramour who wanted to be “the queen” at all cost, the lady who owns a Krispy Kreme franchise in London had wanted to be the “anointed one” but her impatience and desperation were her albatrosses. What also may have worked against her were that there were just too many controversies about and around her, some of which we would unveil soon in another post.

So this is our opportunity to welcome a most deserving of Olori to her palace officially.


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