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While the Government have their faults in not making the nation conducive enough, yje youths themselves are their own problems. Imagine taking cult war abroad and trying to machete themselves to death prove a point. Now their madness is bringing repercussions that's affecting all now with a temporary visa ban! What a country? What a people ?
The 7 Bastards of Dubai

Seems like a very responsible and responsive Government like that of the UAE would not condone any nonsense committed on their land caused by anyone.

And due to their no nonsense attitude and zero tolerance for foolishness, madness and criminalities of all kinds, they may have clamped down on the citizens of Nigeria in that country already or those that may want to visit either for tourism or for even the proverbial golden fleece in that country of the super rich.

Nigerians and the world sometime last week watched in absolute shock (horror) and stupefied disbelief, as some totally mental young men said to be Nigerians, totally left reasoning in the gutter as they went on rampage, brandishing deadly weapons with the full intent to maim or kill if need be, their opponents in an ongoing turf war said to be between rival gangs (cults)!

A couple of insane young guys went absolutely berserk with weapons in their hands running after each other in the video, whilst not wearing any masks whatsoever to conceal or disguise their identities. When they couldn’t get their supposed opponents to unleash the mayhem on, a particular guy used his machete to break the car windows of a car parked around where the war was supposed to have happened, causing damages! The occupant (s) of the Toyota Camry was/were in terror as they couldn’t move away till the mad destroyer and fiends had finished their macabre dance of madness!

Everyone that saw the terrible video in Satwa Dubai, knew that such a wanton display of madness and destruction wouldn’t have gone unpunished in a state that prides itself on having the best of technology money can buy available for security. In a system that doesn’t compromise the relative peace the Emiratis enjoys and where things do work not just pretending to work.

This isn’t the 1st time such a video has come into public view, this is also not an isolated attack by these miscreants who call themselves cult boys, a few years back some so called cult boys too had gone on rampage with machetes too and had let loose their madness on fellow human beings like themselves in some apartments leaving terrible marks in cuts in their wake with their bloodletting.

So in the wake of this last week’s unpalatable mayhem, the authorities were said to have gone immediately after the perpetrators and got many of them arrested too, atleast 7 of them- that we have tagged the 7 bastards of Dubai!

These ones are most definitely going to face the music (rap) squarely, fir disturbing the peace and assault with deadly weapons etc and would most likely be jailed and after their time spent behind bar would most likely be deported and banned from ever entering the UAE as they have become dangers to the society!

But for going mad and bringing the name of their country into disrepute, the country itself it seems, is going to face some sort of recriminations.

So according to some who have tried already, the normally straightforward visa process for entering into Dubai it seems has become far far more stringent. Most that have applied of recent have either been rejected and it even takes far longer than expected for what used to be near easy. What some are speculating for now is that, there may be an unspoken but temporary ban of a sort on the issuance of visas to Nigerians. It’s believed to be a temporary ban that may soon be lifted after a short while as Nigeria, is supposedly a very lucrative route for the Emirati! But even at that can this madness continue?

Dubai is perhaps the easiest foreign land that Nigerians can go to when they want to ‘go abroad’ and that’s because of the ease of getting the visa there. Now with most of the applications for visas either pending for longer than necessary or infact rejected immediately; then something is wrong somewhere! Those that seeks to have their visa change from like the tourist to say temporary work permit, which used to be very possible before, have found it rather hard now or so it seems.

Also, it is said that those that have actually recruited Nigerians as staff members, have found it very difficult to get them the required “residence permit” from the authorities which is actually what would have allowed them stay lawfully in the country with 7 states-with the 3 most popular and most prominent been- ‘Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah’, which are where Nigerians and most people go to in the 7 states.

While Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the 2 wealthiest states respectively and infact the most prominent upscale states too, ‘Sharjah’ on the other part, is the 3rd largest state and follows in the same position in terms of prominence too.

For those that already have their residence permits, once it expires it has now become a very difficult process to renew or extend. So the next option for most is likely to return home to Nigeria which is like a total failure for some.

For those that have the means (via their savings or otherwise), another option they have resorted to is what is called “paid partnership” which is gotten through agents too and this is said to be for between a whopping N1.3 to N1.5m Naira equivalent. But even with this alternative or better still option, you can only still just get a temporary job or employment and that one too has been stopped or has become totally difficult!.

So due to the misbehaviour of some nitwits/miscreants, things may have become terribly difficult for others who may be innocent even in a place where the Government is not a problem, the system is relatively good and there’s atleast some opportunities to make ends meet.

It was Hushpuppi and Co before, now it’s these 7 bastards of Dubai who are so poor they are causing mayhem almost over with machetes!

So what more do these bastards want?


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