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Obviously the EFCC have not handled this case well and they would end up bungling it. What a shame! Instead of the media trial they do, they should learn to do things properly.

….”I cannot get justice from this corrupt laden system”…….

Mompha whose real name is Ismaila Mustapha, is the famous ‘billionaire’ BDC (bureau de change) operator based in Dubai, the UAE with tentacles extending to Nigeria, who was a former close friend of “alleged international fraudster” that’s held captive by the US, in the person of ‘Ramoni Igbalode Abass aka Hushpuppi’. It was their friendship and fallout that introduced the young businessman to the world and gave him his notoriety!

Mompha sometime last year, somehow fell foul of the law and he was picked up on the plane as he was about flying out of the country back to his base. Since that initial arrest, it has been an unprecedented and unwarranted, none dignifying back and forth. Which is a big shame to say the least!

Hanging on the married man with kids and flamboyant businessman, is the suspicion (allegations) that he is involved in international fraud/money laundering etc amounting to some staggering figures.

His supposed accomplices are supposed to have been picked too.

So in an ideal world, where everything is supposed to be as straightforward as this, so the dude and others should have their day or days in the court (s) and should either be convicted or freed, if declared innocent.

But alas no! The EFCC & the dude have been at each others jugular for so long ever since that, it’s now like what’s the crap? What’s going on?

So after another postponement, he was just declared wanted by the EFCC recently for supposedly absconding to Dubai, while using another passport to travel (as his other passport has been seized. But the dude, that is Mompha, has responded now via his Instagram account to pooh-pooh the assertion by the EFCC and in pooh-poohing them, he has also opened a ‘can of worms’. Detailing the alleged gross incompetence of the organisation.

He claims that-

-He hasn’t been declared wanted and has never been absent from court.

-He isn’t culpable of any crime and that he has only done straightforward businesses/transactions.

-He claims that the EFCC wants to rope him forcefully into what he didn’t do.

-He claims that the EFCC is doing their best to intimidate him whilst also blackmailing him.

-That he cannot get justice from a corrupt laden system fed by the EFCC.

-That the EFCC is hellbent on extorting him like they have done to his co-accussed who hasn’t been declared wanted!

-That even the judge in the case is compromised and is bent on sending him to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

So with this public spat and missiles thrown back and forth what’s up next for both side? Shouldn’t they just leave this dude alone if there’s no concrete evidence for them to convict him?

From Mompha’s response, especially stating his fear about not getting justice, it’s obvious he never truly absconded in the 1st instance but went to check on his family and then came back for his court case. He may have just done that now. As he has said “last last na international court go settle this matter”.

He has alleged as seen in the (screenshot) that the EFCC lawyer by the name ‘Rotimi Oyedepo’ coerced him.

The once extremely flamboyant businessman since his case began, has deleted most of his posts on his Instagram page and has become more incognito, preferring to hide his head from all the unnecessary hoopla that used to follow him. His son though is still rated as probably one of the richest young kid in the world.



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