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Justice has been served only that the dead cannot come back to life. May the soul of Iniubong Umoren now rest.
The late Iniubong Umoren
Convicted rapist and killer

Adequate judgement has been meted out commensurate to the crime committed by the young man killer that mercilessly snuffed out the life of a beautiful job seeker whom the evil dude lured to her death on the pretext of employment.

Sometime not too long ago, the evil criminal Uduak Abasi Frank Akpan lured his innocent victim, the now late ‘Iniubong Umoren’, a job seeker to her death unknowingly in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The now dead Iniubong was just  a 26 year old graduate of the University of Uyo with a degree in Philosophy as at the time of her untimely demise.

Iniubong was lured to the family compound of her killer in Nung Ikono Obio village in Uruan LGA of Akwa-Ibom State under the pretext of employment interview. But she was later viciously raped and then strangled to death after been pummeled by the killer, who is suspected to be a ‘serial rapist’ on the 29th of April of 2021.

The murderer later confessed thus-

““I first used condom to have sex with Iniubong Umoren and later removed the condom because I did not enjoy the sex. She became infuriated and I reached out to a stabilizer and a box iron and used it to hit her abdominal part and she started to bleed. I hit her again and she screamed. I used her jean trouser and strangled her and she became lifeless.”

When he saw that she was dead, he now buried her corpse in a shallow grave in the family compound. But the grave was later discovered through the confession of the dastardly murderer who helped in exhuming the corpse.

The victim’s friend by the name Uduak Umoh had said she had heard her friend scream when she had placed a call to her after she had 1st sent her a voice note. To verify what she had wanted to say was why Uduak called only to hear her screaming! She was apparently killed thereafter on April 29, 2021 and was quickly buried.

After the case had been prosecuted successfully and the dude was found guilty on the 2 counts of rape and then murder in the 1st degree, the judge, Justice Bassey Nkanang of the State High Court 9 in Uyo stated the Uduak’s conviction was based on the grounds of Rape and Murder-

He said thus-

““The use of dangerous weapons such as a stabilizer and a box iron to attack delicate parts of the human body as the head, was a clear pointer that there was an intention to cause bodily harm and that death was probable the consequences of the action”.

So for the 1st count of rape Uduak was sentenced to life imprisonment and for the 2nd count of murder he was to die by hanging. He immediately on hearing his conviction and sentence had tried to escape, but his plans was foiled by the police.

His co-accused made up of his father- Frank Akpan and sister Bassey Anwan were both acquited and discharged.

May the soul of the dearly departed Iniubong Umoren now find rest after justice has been deservedly served!


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