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Unfortunately what was expected wasn't what has occurred as celebrity stylist and businesswoman Toyin Lawani details her painful loss.



In a rare show of strength quite uncommon amongst celebrities and stars, when she could have sat in her corner moping all by herself, away from all the scrutiny and maybe judgement of others and the likes, celebrity stylist, socialite and uncommon businesswoman- who owns so many successful business enterprises about 30 in all- Toyin Lawani, has shared sad details of the pain she’s had to endure in her 4th pregnancy and the subsequent loss of the unborn baby.

In an excruciating summary, the gorgeous mother of 3 detailed all she went through to have her 3 elder kids made up of 2 girls and her adorable son-Tenor and how the one that should have been the 4th one came and left leaving her devastated!

Ever conscious of others and what they may be going through either in the same situation or other types of situations, she decided to unveil her experiences publicly to strengthen others and show how you can rise from whatever tries to weigh you down perpetually.

We had excitedly and exclusively revealed about this her 4th pregnancy on this platform not too long ago expecting only good news. And then when she had told us exclusively about her painful loss, we had thought to wait till she would personally go public with the news before we could say anything. And so she did yesterday- August 9, 2022 thus-

“Tnks to everyone who reached out, God bless u all, Losing An unborn child can be the most difficult trauma to deal with, cse u wld hv Bonded & started making plans for the future, I have always said I wanted to hv just 2kids, Then my doc advised me to take out my womb out due to the Complications I was having,”

I dealt with a lot, multiple fibroid surgeries, arthritis, back backs, neck pains, side pains, times I would literally wake up paralyzed, I wear a neck brace daily but when in public I take it off, too many questions 🤣.”

“So went for the 3rd baby again, At least before I do the final surgery, from my last born’s pregnancy found out I had a cyst in my Brian cse d headaches were super & back pains tripled, I got doctors opinions in Nigeria they said we can’t treat you till you have this baby, the best thing is to take the baby out & we will get you the care u need,”

At this time I was already attached I said no & went abroad, they managed d situation till I had d baby, Which was why they said I couldn’t have it naturally like my other kids, Got back on my feet in no time, months after my legs & bones gave way, d pain was too much went back again abroad they said my bones were degenerating due to the pressure.

At this point, my legs were swollen, I couldn’t walk, this was a few days to my 40th birthday party in Nigeria, I had so much plans for my 40th but I said nothing & opted for prayer for my late mom.”

“Few months forward I found out I was pregnant again, this wasn’t planned at all & I and hubby said to tell no one, cause we weren’t sure, even when my friends said, ure pregnant, I will just laugh abt it 🤣,”

“And say no it’s not there, unfortunately, I got so stressed &depressed, started bleeding as usual cse I bleed having all my kids, from day one till due date, so felt it was normal, but it took a huge turn& I lost it, in the process I’m hearing I need a spine surgery I’m like how old I’m I 😫.”

“Anyways I have lost so many things in life, But I felt this to my bones, Cause it could have bn avoided but I thank God for his mercy upon my life, I neva hv shared ds much cse I hate showing weakness, But neva judge a Book by its cover⚔️ Back & Better 🙏 Tnks@segun_wealth u rare.”

We commend you for your unbelievable strength dear Toyin. And we send in our love and embrace. May you continually be strengthened in your inner man. 🙏

It is well!


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