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The Ooni of Ife is welcoming home 2 new wives to the the Palace and the palace is agog with the news. One today and the 2nd on Thursday next week.
Olori Mariam Ogunwusi nee Anako

Opeoluwa Elizabeth Akinmuda incoming 2nd wife.

….the revered monarch is to welcome 2 wives (queens) 10 days apart. But Olori Mariam is coming in today 06/09/2022 at 7pm!

We had given an exclusive a few weeks back when we announced that the Oonirisa Adimula of Ile-Ife, the Arole Odua himself, Alaiyeluwa, Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi, the Ojaja II was getting married again.

Many had tried to pooh-pooh our story then, like it was just mere speculations. But we stayed true to our findings.

The 51st Ooni’s beloved new wife as was announced then was none other than Mariam Anako from Kogi state, who lived her life mostly in Ilorin and who is a top management staff of a reputable oil and gas company owned by the billionaire owner of Obiajackson Group- Ernest Azudialu Obiejesi whose oil company is Nestoil.

The Ife palace had deliberately kept the news about the incoming Olori (queen) away from the public, maybe so that nothing could jinx the relationship. As Kabiyesi had been on the wrong end/side of marriage a few times already even at just 47 going 48.

From his 1st wife when he was just a prince then, to his 1st wife after he became a monarch, with his marriage then to the super well connected and wealthy- ‘Zaynab Wuraola Otiti’, which hit the rock less than 2 years after they had gotten married with much fanfare. Then he got married again, to a supposedly innocent prophetess in her 20s, a decision which was hailed by many then. But then also in less than 3 years too, sometime in 2021, after the birth of their son, Olori Naomi Silekunola Ogunwusi nee Oluseyi decided to shake everywhere possible in a manner that baffled all comers, when she announced that her marriage to the topmost Yoruba monarch in the world, had hit the rock with a massive thud irretrievably! It was like humpty-dumpty had had a great fall and his head had scattered to smithereens and it couldn’t be repaired no more.

It was another devastating news for the lovers of Ile-Ife and the monarch as they just couldn’t believe that the monarch could be twice bitten or should we just include his 1st wife and then say thrice bitten, so he could be many times shy!

So when it was announced a few weeks back that a new queen was coming in and not just an anyhow one for that matter after many had jostled relentlessly to become the queen or queens, many just refused to believe the truth when it was announced!

They were just too sceptical that another marriage could just be in the pipeline so soon after what had happened, all in less than 6 years!

So like we had announced before, we state again that the marriage we announced a few weeks back is a fact that cannot be wished away. Infact, from what we know, the ceremony is ongoing as we speak. From all indications the i’s are been dotted and the t’s crossed as they should.

Though the monarch is thought to have denied new weddings to some, we can tell you as a matter of fact that Kabiyesi is getting married again and not to just to 1 (one) but infact 2 (two), all before the end of September or better still before the Olojo day which is by the end of September.

The monarch is a handsome man by all accounts and well to do and he became an eligible bachelor, when Olori Naomi of her own freewill vamoosed with disdain from the palace and his life when she wasn’t chased!

So today Tuesday, September 6, 2022 at 7pm to be more precise, ‘Olori Mariam Anako’ would be ushered in to the palace of the Ooni of Ife via tradition as the main wife of his imperial majesty, Alaiyeluwa Oba Adeyeye Babatunde Enitan Ogunwusi.

This is just the traditional wedding from all indications, the actual ceremony with all the feferity is actually slated for a date in October and we hear that it would be a double pronged celebration as it would be to celebrate the 48th birthday of his majesty which is on October 17, 2022 as he was born on Thursday, October 17, 1974. This year’s birthday falls on a Monday, so the wedding party would be celebrated the day before the birthday on Sunday, October 16, 2022.

While Olori Mariam Anako would be ushered into the palace today at 7pm.

The other new wife is none other than a delectable beauty with brain in the person of a
”Elizabeth Opeoluwa Akimuda”, who is said to be an IT executive based in Glasgow, Scotland. The incoming Olori Opeoluwa is said to be in her mid-30s.

Her own traditional wedding is set for “Thursday, September 15, 2022”. From the little information we could garner about her, she seems to be a friend of a former Minister for Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode whose ancestral home is Ile-Ife, in Osun State. She had appeared at one point during the time the minister and his ex-wife Precious were having issues publicly and a lot of back and forth were going on then.

Elizabeth Opeoluwa Akimuda used to have a connection with a brand by the name Ztech Global Limited where she was a director, but the company has been dissolved now. It had a registered address in Glasgow 0/3 209 Kirkton Avenue and company nos 12080585.

Elizabeth Opeoluwa Akimuda from the information on the Ztech Global Ltd document was born, May of 1985 making her 37 but there’s another date connected to her which is May of 1983 which would have made her 39. The company may have been dissolved due to the mistakes made with the multiple dates of birth.

On her documents it states that she’s a Nigerian.

So when one left, 2 badass ones have come in to replace with much aplomb.

Congratulations to them both.


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